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Ist eine nicht-anthropozentrische Soziologie denkbar? Die Soziologie als anthropologische Humanwissenschaft bei Foucault und Latours Gegenentwurf
57Bruno Latour, "On actor-network theory. A few clarifications," Soziale Welt 4 (1996), 377; weiterhin: "die Infrasprache der Semiotik schützt gegen die Metasprache der Soziologie", Eine neue Soziologie für eine neue Gesellschaft, 96; in diesem Zusammenhang weist Latour darauf hin, dass die Akteur-Netzwerk-Theorie sich halb der Ethnomethodologie Garfinkels und halb der Semiotik Greimas' verdanke, ibid. Rest lesen, ipad-archiv
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The Philosophical Case Against the White-Wine Emoji
In July, the Unicode Technical Committee was a bit of a buzzkill: It announced that for now, it would not add a white-wine emoji to Unicode’s standard emoji mix. The meeting minutes noted that the UTC’s Emoji Subcommittee would “Continue to consider ‘white wine’ emoji for future addition.” If certain news outlets are to be believed, white-wine drinkers everywhere were devastated. In a piece titled, “The Petition for the White Wine Emoji Has Been Sadly Rejected,” People encouraged its readers to continue the fight and “keep hope alive that one day you’ll see a white-wine emoji at a keyboard near you!” Food & Wine magazine opined that the white wine emoji “has generated plenty of support and, frankly, seems inherently logical.”
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Different Tongue, Same Information: 17-language Study Reveals How We Communicate Information at a Similar Rate | Technology Networks
This is kind of bogus since representational symbols (semiotics) can still be communicated with "low throughput."

Also depends on some really outdated research.
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Charles Sanders Peirce was America's greatest thinker | Aeon Essays
by Daniel Everett

A Peircean sign requires a signalling form to link an object with an interpretation. Smoke is a sign of fire when a mind links the smoke (the form) with the interpretation that the form indicates: fire (the object). Peirce argued for three foundational signs: icons, indexes and symbols. An icon is a sign that is structurally isomorphic in some way (eg, physically resembling its object); an index is a sign that is (loosely) physically connected to its object, such as smoke connected to fire; smell connected to onions; or pointing physically towards an object. Finally, a symbol is almost always a cultural convention that all objects of a cultural type (an individual instance of a type is a token – another distinction we owe to Peirce) are to be referred to by a particular form and interpreted in a particular way.
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september 2019 by zryb
(PDF) The mathematics of Charles Sanders Peirce
PDF | This essay explores the Mathematics of Charles Sanders Peirce. We concentrate on his notational approaches to basic logic and his general ideas...
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september 2019 by endoverse
Learning to Make People Laugh: A Semiotic Anthropology of Stand-up Comedy - Allegra
The Open-Mic Anthropologist The first time I performed stand-up comedy was in December 2015, at an open-mic club called On the Rocks. Gripped by nerves, I
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