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There's a (big) difference between rounding up citizens and inter…
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3 days ago by userX
Understanding Context : Bibliigraphy
Listed below are most of the sources drawn upon for the book. A few may not be cited in the book itself, but were important research background nevertheless. Many other articles and other books were part of the research throughout the book’s writing, but would only make this list more unwieldy — it’s safe to say the most important background info is represented here in one way or another.
context  semiotics  semantics  information-architecture  language  design 
16 days ago by freemoth
5 Keys to Accessible Web Typography
I wrote about fluid web typography in last month’s blog post and I realised that a lot of the popular implementation techniques come with accessibility issues. So I wanted to go back and revisit the basics and the best practices of accessible web typography.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  css  accessibility  typography  contrast  font-smoothing  line-height  headers  semantics 
25 days ago by spaceninja
Write HTML Like It's 1999
I'm sure it's safe to say that most developers love to use the latest and greatest web tools available. Helpful resources such as preprocessors, template engines, syntax formatters - you name it - can all make a developer's life easier. Unfortunately, this sometimes comes at a cost: the HTML structure.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  html  semantics 
4 weeks ago by spaceninja
Unusual HTML tags worth knowing
Using the right HTML elements has more importance than many of us realise. Known as Semantic HTML, it's all about bringing meaning to the page and not just presentation. A <p> element contains a paragraph, and everyone knows what that should look like. Not only does it help communicate what the page contains to search engines, it also helps screen readers do their job as efficiently as possible. This article will list some lesser known tags for you to have as many tools as possible on a daily basis.
fridayfrontend  html  cssbasics  semantics  abbr  dfn  address  cite  del  ins 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja

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