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SEO friendly posts
Write SEO friendly posts that rank. Content creation made simple Boost your organic search ranking Using the last semantic analysis technologies
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5 days ago by kpieper876
An Exhausting List of Differences Between VB.NET & C# | Anthony's blog
For almost half of my lifetime now I’ve witnessed or engaged in countless discussions about how similar or different the two most popular .NET languages are. First as a hobbyist, then as a professional, and finally as a customer advocate, program manager, and language designer I cannot exaggerate the number of times I've heard or read…
vbnet  c#  difference  semantic  list  unner  working 
8 days ago by gilberto5757
The practical value of semantic HTML
"If the importance of good HTML isn’t well-understood by the newer breed of JavaScript developers, then it’s my job as a DOWF (Dull Old Web Fart) to explain it."
accessibility  html  html5  semantic  webdevelopment  worldwideweb 
10 days ago by garrettc
Bruce Lawson's personal site  : The practical value of semantic HTML
It has come to my attention that many in the web standards gang are feeling grumpy about some Full Stack Developers’ lack of deep knowledge about HTML. One well-intentioned article about 10 things to learn for becoming a solid full-stack JavaScript developer said via Pocket
html  semantic  webdev 
11 days ago by kintopp
Artist - SARI Documentation
The person reference data model provides a list of standard descriptors (fields) that are typically present in the description of a person in cultural heritage data systems. via Pocket
artist  biography  cidoc  infrastructure  models  people  prosopography  semantic  swiss 
13 days ago by kintopp
, expert on Topic Modeling & Structured Data interviewed on
Semantic  from twitter
13 days ago by jhill5 is a collaborative project dedicated to defining the intellectual concepts of pottery following the tenets of linked open data and the formulation of an ontology for representing and sharing ceramic data across disparate data systems. via Pocket
ancient  art  classics  linkeddata  semantic 
19 days ago by kintopp
Conversations with Robots: Voice, Smart Agents & the Case for Structured Content · An A List Apart Article
Rather, by focusing on providing access to information in a structured, systematic way that is legible to both humans and machines, content publishers can ensure that their content is both accessible and accurate in these new contexts, whether or not they’re producing chatbots or tapping into AI directly.
semantic  html 
22 days ago by cvn
Better Meta
A simple API to return the meta tags of any site in a digestable JSON format.
A simple API to return the meta tags of any site in a digestable JSON format.
scraper  metadata  social  semantic  parser  crawler 
25 days ago by michaelfox
The Semiotics of SimCity | Friedman | First Monday
When does a game cease to be a game? Is it when the computer feels like an organic extension of your consciousness or when you may feel like an extension of the computer itself? This paper explores SimCity and its significance as a simulator not only of reality but consciousness. Computer gaming is essentially process of demystification, discovering how software is organized for a certain set of goals and actions.
semantic  cities  games  videogames  simulation 
4 weeks ago by basemaly
The practical value of semantic HTML
This riled me too. But, as it’s Consumerfest and goodwill to all is compulsory, I calmed down. And I don’t want to instigate a pile-on of the author of this piece; it’s indicative of an industry trend to regard HTML as a bit of an afterthought, once you’ve done the real work of learning and writing JavaScript. If the importance of good HTML isn’t well-understood by the newer breed of JavaScript developers, then it’s my job as a DOWF (Dull Old Web Fart) to explain it.
accessibility  html5  semantic 
5 weeks ago by Gwendoux

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