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(24) Ian Mathews's answer to What are some of the best responses to 'sell me this pen/pencil' in a job interview? - Quora
Listen to, and understand the customer. Only then, show how the product meets their needs better than the competition.

"Do you attempt to understand what I need?

Inexperienced candidates will immediately start talking about features of the pen which means they assume that they understand what I want. This is a big mistake in any sales situation.

This will make me defensive.

Do you tell me that the pen has the most beautiful blue ink in the world? I will tell you that I hate the color blue.

Do you tell me that the pen has an ergonomic rubber grip? I will tell you that I am allergic to rubber.

Do you tell me that you are proud of the sturdy frame that never breaks? I will tell you that it feels too heavy and that I need light pens for my arthritis.

Avoid telling me about the features of the pen until I give you permission.

Instead, start asking me open-ended questions (open-ended make me elaborate versus closed-ended which will only get you a one-word response).

“Mr. Mathews, how often do you use pens? Where do you keep your pens? What do you like about the pens that you currently use? What do you look for when you purchase a pen? What bothers you about your current pen?”

Ask me questions about pens, listen fully and take notes. Ask until you have an incredible amount of information about my preferences, then repeat what you heard and ask if you summarized correctly. This makes me feel special, akin to a waiter repeating your full order after writing it down at a restaurant.

Now that you know what I am looking for in a pen, tell me how your pen meets every need and how it exceeds what your competition is currently providing me. If I said that my current pens run out of ink too fast, tell me about how long your ink cartridges last. If I mention that I love a smooth flowing blue ink, tell me about how your company won an award for smoothest writing or brightest blue. Only tell me the features that match the needs that I expressed, which will keep me from objecting (as I would be contradicting myself)."
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