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Rembrandt's lessons for the selfie era: why we must learn to look again | Technology | The Guardian
Self-portraits have always reflected self-esteem. It was true in the Renaissance. It was true for Rembrandt, whose late works, which include many self-portraits, go on display in the National Gallery on Thursday. And it is true for us now.
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4 hours ago by neuezukunft
Why are humans so obsessed with self-documenting? | ASU Now: Access, Excellence, Impact
On the 21st anniversary of the first cell phone photo, an ASU historian looks at the evolution and future of capturing our own image
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7 days ago by cogdog
Panel time 😀 sharing knowledge 🤓
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10 days ago by jitgo
Okay but I did look good this weekend 👓💄🔮💜✨
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14 days ago by lurrel
I've been saying the wrong word for these the whole time I've been baking them and..

"Is this…
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16 days ago by jamuraa
it’s time in aix-en-provence!
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16 days ago by peterhoneyman
Enter below or use hashtag  to automatically enter your favorite silly before 6/13 @ 11:5…
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16 days ago by stevechic
why yes I am rediculous and live in San Francisco, why do you ask?
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20 days ago by jamuraa
Lynn is hustling to the track for our connection, but there’s always time for a ! Gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu
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22 days ago by peterhoneyman

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