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- fucking/dating people who are bad for you
- hanging around someone you’re in love with but who doesn’t want you back
- playing music so loudly that it hurts
- eating unhealthful food
- skipping showers
- reading bad news
- procrastinating
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Zu 1) CN

Getriggerte Zustände können selbstverletzendes Verhalten oder suizidale Zustände abrufe…
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may 2019 by reinhard_codes
From Marina Abramović to Carlos Martiel, a Tradition of Self-Harm in Performance Art
Disman isn’t so concerned with people misinterpreting her work as an individual artist. But she does worry about how the media and, by extension, the wider public might interpret these forms of performance and the effects this has.

“I’m concerned by the instrumentalizing of performance art in the media to incite moral panic,” she explained to me. “I’m concerned with the making-ridiculous of performance artists, a step away from the making-crazy. By naming someone crazy, you can delegitimize everything they say and do. It almost always means treating them unequally, which is part of how larger systems of power organize bodies.”
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april 2019 by mildlydiverting
RT : Delighted to let you know that the distrACT app supporting people who and may feel suicidal is now listed…
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march 2019 by stuartberry1
Somebody already covered reading so I will say this, there were a few occasions I felt lik…
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february 2019 by zvi
Excellent and thought-provoking blog from one of our PhD students
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october 2018 by cathmnet
Kelty's Recommended Resources: Self Injury | Kelty Mental Health
Parenting a Teen who has Intense Emotions: DBT Skills to Help your Teen Navigate Emotional and Behavioural Challenges
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october 2018 by oati

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