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Deconstructing 'I Wrote a Thing'
Maybe it’s a generational problem, and the kids today don’t struggle with reflexive self-effacement. I suspect that it’s gendered, and I wrote a thing is born of women being told, overtly and implicitly, that our stories do not matter—not the stories we write, which are still not reviewed as frequently or taken as seriously as men’s books, and not the stories we tell, which are still too often met with skepticism and shrugs.

But I’d encourage my fellow women writers to get past that awkwardness and the fear of being shamed. Tweet that praise, sister. Nobody’s going to be as proud of your book as you are, with the possible exception of your mother, and, let’s be honest, she’s still a little steamed about the sex scenes. Or maybe that’s just me.
jennifer-weiner  writing  feminism  self-promotion  promotion  psychology  gender 
7 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
The Self-Promotion Gap
A majority of women (83%) have been inspired by hearing women talk about their successes and accomplishments, but 7 in 10 (69%) women would rather minimize their successes than tell people about them.
show-your-work  self-promotion  statistics 
9 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
How to Self-Publish a Graphic Novel – Reedsy
Ben Galley explains how to self-publish a graphic novel and shares his experience adapting his first novel to this special format.
articles  self-publishing  self-promotion  comics  romanticineptitude 
april 2019 by yankeh
Erica Friedman Celebrating 100 Years of Yuri Erica Friedman Celebrating 100 Years of Yuri @OkazuYuri
Yes, self-promotion feels weird, because you were told that hard work leads to reward. But that was mostly a lie and you need to promote the fuck out of your work, too.
self-promotion  Networking  SNS 
february 2019 by thegrandnarrative
Four Ways To Help Emerging Women Self-Promote
Convince her that her performance won’t speak for itself. Speaking about one's career accomplishments is only one part of articulating career goals…and attaining them.

Urge her to publicize wins (an accolade from a client or saved the company money in operating costs). The best self-promoters showcase their accomplishments as best practices from which everyone can learn.

Encourage her to take risks before she’s ready. You’re showing her that you believe in her abilities to do well—and even more important, to recover if all goes wrong.
selena-rezvani  career-advice  forbes  self-promotion  promotion 
june 2018 by yolandaenoch
[1711.02834] Bootstrapping Generalization Error Bounds for Time Series
"We consider the problem of finding confidence intervals for the risk of forecasting the future of a stationary, ergodic stochastic process, using a model estimated from the past of the process. We show that a bootstrap procedure provides valid confidence intervals for the risk, when the data source is sufficiently mixing, and the loss function and the estimator are suitably smooth. Autoregressive (AR(d)) models estimated by least squares obey the necessary regularity conditions, even when mis-specified, and simulations show that the finite- sample coverage of our bounds quickly converges to the theoretical, asymptotic level. As an intermediate step, we derive sufficient conditions for asymptotic independence between empirical distribution functions formed by splitting a realization of a stochastic process, of independent interest."
in_NB  time_series  bootstrap  statistics  self-promotion  to:blog 
november 2017 by cshalizi
[1709.09702] Projective Sparse Latent Space Network Models
"In typical latent-space network models, nodes have latent positions, which are all drawn independently from a common distribution. As a consequence, the number of edges in a network scales quadratically with the number of nodes, resulting in a dense graph sequence as the number of nodes grows. We propose an adjustment to latent-space network models which allows the number edges to scale linearly with the number of nodes, to scale quadratically, or at any intermediate rate. Our models also form projective families, making statistical inference and prediction well-defined. Built through point processes, our models are related to both the Poisson random connection model and the graphex framework."
in_NB  network_data_analysis  networks  graph_limits  point_processes  stochastic_processes  self-promotion  to:blog  to_teach:graphons 
november 2017 by cshalizi
[1711.02123] Consistency of Maximum Likelihood for Continuous-Space Network Models
"Network analysis needs tools to infer distributions over graphs of arbitrary size from a single graph. Assuming the distribution is generated by a continuous latent space model which obeys certain natural symmetry and smoothness properties, we establish three levels of consistency for non-parametric maximum likelihood inference as the number of nodes grows: (i) the estimated locations of all nodes converge in probability on their true locations; (ii) the distribution over locations in the latent space converges on the true distribution; and (iii) the distribution over graphs of arbitrary size converges."
in_NB  network_data_analysis  statistics  self-promotion  to:blog  re:network_differences  re:hyperbolic_networks  to_teach:baby-nets 
november 2017 by cshalizi
[1711.00813] Bootstrapping Exchangeable Random Graphs
"We introduce two new bootstraps for exchangeable random graphs. One, the "empirical graphon", is based purely on resampling, while the other, the "histogram stochastic block model", is a model-based "sieve" bootstrap. We show that both of them accurately approximate the sampling distributions of motif densities, i.e., of the normalized counts of the number of times fixed subgraphs appear in the network. These densities characterize the distribution of (infinite) exchangeable networks. Our bootstraps therefore give, for the first time, a valid quantification of uncertainty in inferences about fundamental network statistics, and so of parameters identifiable from them."
in_NB  network_data_analysis  statistics  bootstrap  graph_limits  nonparametrics  self-promotion  to:blog 
november 2017 by cshalizi
How Leaving Comments Grows a Blog & Freelance Business | Flaunt My Design
Experiment: I was leaving comments on other blogs for 3 weeks. Learn how it grew my readership & what similar results could mean for your freelance business.
business  self-employment  self-promotion  branding 
march 2017 by matthillco
$200 on Promoted Tweets Got This Freelancer a 6-Month Contract | Flaunt My Design
How Barry McGee, a UK freelance front-end web developer, used Twitter's promoted tweets to push his CV directly to potential end clients.
business  self-employment  self-promotion  branding 
march 2017 by matthillco
Later for Reddit
online tool to help you determine the best time to post to particular sub-reddits on Reddit.
tools  socialmedia  self-promotion  photog  online 
march 2017 by yankeh
Facebook Blueprint
Training and certification for Facebook ads and marketing
facebook  socialmedia  marketing  advertising  internet  self-promotion  career  education  online  opportunities 
march 2017 by yankeh

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