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2017 Self-Employment Tax: How Much Will You Owe?
Best Explanation on Self Employment (Employer-Side FICA) tax and a Calculator.
november 2018 by carlosviansi
Self Employed Individuals Tax Center | Internal Revenue Service
The basics on self-employment, filing requirements, and reporting responsibilities for independent contractors.
november 2018 by carlosviansi
How Much are Medicare Deductions for the Self-Employed? | The TurboTax Blog
If you're self-employed, you qualify for certain tax deductions as a result of paying for Medicare. When you are self-employed, you pay a "Self Employment Tax" on the net income that you earn from your own business, consisting of both the Social Security tax and the Medicare tax.
taxes  schedule  self-employment 
october 2018 by carlosviansi
Where are all the Contingent Workers
BLS released 2017 Contingent Worker Supplement (CWS). The results showed a slight decline in the percent of workers whose sole or main job was an alternative work arrangement from 10.7 in 2005 to 10.1 in 2017. How do we reconcile these findings with the CWS results? Where are all the contingent workers? We offer a few possibilities. A recent paper linking household survey respondents to tax filing data illustrates just how inconsistently people respond in different data sources: just 35 percent of respondents who filed the self-employment (SE) schedule on their taxes reported in the CPS that they are self-employed. Importantly, this discrepancy is increasing.
ESB6  ch1  ch5  ch6  part-time  parttimebusiness  surveys  data  contrarian  analysis  self-employment 
july 2018 by jeromekatz
Register a private limited company online - GOV.UK
Private company limited by shares - register a company online using model (standard) articles of association, incorporation fees and how long it takes
Company  Contractor  Self-Employment 
may 2018 by evans5000
Some praise our gig economy flexibility. I call it exploitation | Larry Elliott | Opinion | The Guardian
Language matters. There was a time when these trends would have been described as casualisation or exploitation. They would have been seen as symbolic of a one-sided labour market in which the deck was stacked in favour of employers. These days, though, it is evidence of “flexibility”, and who could object to that?
gigEconomy  zeroHours  underemployment  self-employment  casualisation  exploitation  employment  flexibility  deregulation  pay  wages  interestRates  dctagged  dc:creator=ElliottLarry 
april 2018 by petej
Why Entrepreneurs Start Companies Rather Than Join Them
Provocative research paper, Asymmetric Information and Entrepreneurship,shows people who are stronger than their resumes go self-employment.
ESB6  self-employed  self-employment  education  resumes 
april 2018 by jeromekatz
Welcome to Saros Research
Take part in genuine UK market research and user testing events such as focus groups and interviews, share your views on products and services you use, and earn great cash rewards for making a real difference
money  self-employment  user-testing 
april 2018 by matthillco

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