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Google Self-Driving Car Will Be Ready Soon for Some, in Decades for Others - IEEE Spectrum
In 2011, soon after Google first told the world about the robocars it had secretly been developing, it promised that the vehicles would be able to "drive anywhere a car can legally drive." Its timeframe for delivering the technology was generally understood to be in the neighborhood of five years. For example, in a 2014 Wall Street Journal article, project director Chris Urmson was quoted as saying he was hoping "to field a fully autonomous car" by the end of the decade.
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In 2017, the feds said Tesla Autopilot cut crashes 40%—that was bogus | Ars Technica
Small firm gets Tesla crash data after 2-year legal battle with NHTSA, finds flawed study.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has egg on its face after a small research and consulting firm called Quality Control Systems produced a devastating critique of a 2017 agency report finding that Tesla's Autopilot reduced crashes by 40 percent. The new analysis is coming out now—almost two years after the original report—because QCS had to sue NHTSA under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the data underlying the agency's findings. In its report, QCS highlights flaws in NHTSA's methodology that are serious enough to completely discredit the 40 percent figure, which Tesla has cited multiple times over the last two years.
NHTSA undertook its study of Autopilot safety in the wake of the fatal crash of Tesla owner Josh Brown in 2016. Autopilot—more specifically Tesla's lane-keeping function called Autosteer—was active at the time of the crash, and Brown ignored multiple warnings to put his hands back on the wheel. Critics questioned whether Autopilot actually made Tesla owners less safe by encouraging them to pay less attention to the road.
NHTSA's 2017 finding that Autosteer reduced crash rates by 40 percent seemed to put that concern to rest. When another Tesla customer, Walter Huang, died in an Autosteer-related crash last March, Tesla cited NHTSA's 40 percent figure in a blog post defending the technology. A few weeks later, Tesla CEO Elon Musk berated reporters for focusing on stories about crashes instead of touting the safety benefits of Autopilot.
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8 days ago by rgl7194
Feds' Tesla Autosteer Safety Investigation Was Bullshit: Report
After 2016’s first fatal crash in a Tesla on Autopilot the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated the Model S’s Autopilot and Autosteer functions. It ultimately concluded the system was safe. But a new paper says we shouldn’t trust the government agency’s research.
NHTSA closed its investigation in 2017 and actually went so far as to state that “the data show that the Tesla vehicles crash rate dropped by almost 40 percent after Autosteer installation” in a concluding document on the matter. (You can read that and 13 other docs associated with the investigation on the NHTSA’s site.)
But some critics have felt that “40 percent” claim was suspect, resulting in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Transportation from an organization called Quality Control Systems Corporation. QCSC identifies itself as a provider of “forensic statistical services and products to businesses and organizations.”
Its website is almost strangely aesthetically simplistic, but the outfit’s work in data analysis has been cited by quite a few reputable sources, such as the New York Times and NBC News, according to the company.
QCSC wanted to see the data in question for itself to try and corroborate or debunk the NHTSA’s statement which, months after being published, still appeared to be oddly unsubstantiated.
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The long, winding road for driverless cars
According to statistics from America's Bureau of Transportation, there were about 35,000 fatalities and over 2.4m injuries on American roads in 2015. That may sound a lot but, given that Americans drive three trillion miles a year, accident rates are remarkably low:1.12 deaths and 76 injuries per 100m miles. Because accidents are so rare (compared with miles travelled), autonomous vehicles “would have to driven hundreds of millions of miles, and sometimes hundreds of billions of miles, to demonstrate their reliability in terms of fatalities and injuries,” says Nidhi Kalra of RAND Corporation, a think tank in California. At present, there is no practical means for testing the safety of AVs before their use becomes widespread. For many, that is a scary thought.
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Autonomes Fahren: Allianz Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi will mit Waymo kooperieren -
Bisher sind die Taxis mit Waymos Technik für autonomes Fahren von Chrysler. Künftig könnten Autos von Renault, Nissan und Mitsubishi hinzukommen: Die japanisch-französische
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MIT Deep Learning
Courses on deep learning, deep reinforcement learning (deep RL), and artificial intelligence (AI) taught by Lex Fridman at MIT. Lectures, introductory tutorials, and TensorFlow code (GitHub) open to all.
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