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Self-Deprecation, R to S, British Behaviour, British Etiquette | Debrett's
On the British habit of self-deprecation: "If you want to avoid being misunderstood, learn to downplay your attributes and resort wherever possible to understatement. People will read between the lines and admire your modesty."
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Why it is very clever to pretend to be stupid -
November 10, 2013 Lucy Kellaway By Lucy Kellaway

Self-deprecation is one of the most effective tools there is.

It disarms other people, makes them forget you are scarily powerful and lulls them into liking you instead. The only boss I’ve ever had whom I truly adored self-deprecated constantly.
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British comedy: Leeanne Stewart meets stand-up stalwart Stewart Lee | Culture | The Guardian
"What with the acidity levels of the oceans, all shellfish will be anemones soon," he quips. I laugh politely, but it becomes apparent why Lee has fared so badly on TV panel shows like 8 Out Of 10 Cats and BBC4's grammar-based quiz Never Mind The Consonants. The blind alley of jokes about the deterioration of a gastropod's shell is typical of the kind of comedy cul-de-sacs this deluded, sad figure routinely pursues in his inexplicably attended live shows, infuriating and boring weary audiences up and down the land. I suggest that it is only the fact that Lee has attached himself to many now successful names over the years that has led to the BBC mistakenly recommissioning him.
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