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Automate your UI testing with Nightwatch
Although I feel like I'm repeating myself, automate **everything**. We're here to automate the processes and work of our clients. Why don't we do the same for our own stuff as well? This article quickly outlines how you can use Nightwatch.js for automating your UI testing.
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yesterday by 44sunsets
How to download a file using the remote selenium webdriver? - Stack Overflow
def get_file_names_chrome(driver):
if not driver.current_url.startswith("chrome://downloads"):
return driver.execute_script("""
return downloads.Manager.get().items_
.filter(e => e.state === "COMPLETE")
.map(e => e.file_url);
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21 days ago by mphuie
Free Cross Browser Testing Tool on Cloud - LambdaTest
Finally another freemium product. It's good if ever entering this field that most aren't freemium
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25 days ago by skinnymuch

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