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jquery - Select element by exact match of its content - Stack Overflow
A method to make the :contains() selector return the exact match
jQuery  selector 
6 weeks ago by colcustard
Blue/Green Deployments using Helm Charts – Puneet Saraswat – Medium
I am big fan of Labels and Selectors feature Kubernetes offers. K8s Services use them to target Pods which enables diverse use cases for traffic routing. In this article, I will demonstrate how we…
kubernetes  helm  chart  bluegreen  deployment  label  selector  article  important 
may 2018 by vonc
mahmoud/glom: ☄️ Got data? Glom it! Python's nested data operator (and CLI), for all your declarative restructuring needs.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
datascience  github  opensource  productivity  programming  python  toolkit  from:ifttt  ifttt  library  xpath  selector  data  pythondive 
may 2018 by tranqy
Reuleaux Selectors - wilkie writes a thing
Whether you believe gender follows essentialist principles, is constructed, or something in between, the concept of gender identity is a very complicated subject. Contrary to unfortunately popular belief, gender is not chosen from a binary as though it were conjured at the whim of a coin-toss. Gender is different for just about every individual and as infinite as our collective imaginations can bear.

In this post, we (Lindsey Bieda and wilkie) describe a new form of gender selection interface (the code is open and in need of refactoring). It is worth noting this disclaimer: we are not trying to develop the perfect representation. For decades, the computer science community has not explored new approaches to this problem, and thus for decades people have been excluded based on not being able to fully reflect themselves. There are a few reasons why— particularly computer science's predilection toward metrics and peer-review which hurt divisive, intentionally vague, or exploratory work. Yet this is exactly meant to be a provocative push to get people, including UI/UX researchers, invigorated about this problem. We should ultimately be collaborating on a better solution.

For now, though, if you ask for gender, reconsider asking. If that fails, consider asking for pronouns instead. If you still can't say no, use a text field.
gender  identity  selector  pronouns 
may 2018 by bezthomas
NTH-TEST | nth-child and nth-of-type Tester
NTH-TEST is a quick and easy way to test your nth-child and nth-of-type
css  nth-child  selector  pseudo-selector 
march 2018 by cerebe

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