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Is there a CSS selector for elements containing certain text? - Stack Overflow
Not possible without JavaScript
<code class="language-javascript">
// using jQuery
css  selector  webdesign  webdevel  workaround  solution 
2 days ago by kme
Is there a CSS selector for element without any class? - Stack Overflow
section:not([class]) { /* every section without class - but won't select Section C */
color: red;

section[class=""] { /* selects only Section C */
font-weight: bold;
css  selector 
june 2019 by roger
747/vsselector: Variation Selector Selector app (WIP)
Variation Selector Selector app (WIP). Contribute to 747/vsselector development by creating an account on GitHub.
font  selector  異体字 
may 2019 by oppara
Link Text Selector - Safari Extension
Link Text Selector - Safari Extension to Select text from hyperlink title.
mac  app  safari  extension  link  text  selector  tool 
march 2019 by e2b

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