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Geo-Data Is No Longer Just A Targeting Tool; It's An 'Understanding' Instrument |
Initially the focus in the market was very much around the basic concept of proximity based targeting, but we have been constantly pushing the envelope with our clients, to move more towards mobile and location as keys to understanding consumer behavior and building high fidelity flexible audience types. This means using location and location history to build behavioral profiles (we were the first company to do this at scale)
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3 days ago by pciszewski
A Look at Image Segmentation using CNNs – Mohit Jain
Image segmentation is the task in which we assign a label to pixels (all or some in the image) instead of just one label for the whole image. As a result, image segmentation is also categorized as a dense prediction task. Unlike detection using rectangular bounding boxes, segmentation provides pixel accurate locations of objects in…
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7 days ago by ivar
Segmentation Reveals Marketing's Easiest Targets | Branding Strategy Insider
Easy segmentation prey
- The Rich
- The Lazy
- They Busy
- The Ignorant
- The Vain

- The rich (price insensitive consumers) are easy prey – consider the thin curtain that separates business class from economy – that curtain, a couple of inches extra of leg room are worth a 300% to 400% price premium to those at the front of the cabin.

- The lazy are easy prey. Consumers who are unwilling or unable to comparison shop will pay a higher price than those that spend a few minutes clicking or scanning barcodes into a comparison app. Marketers try and make it difficult to make easy comparisons – just think of how complex comparing phone plans can be. So they target not just the very lazy, but also the somewhat lazy.

- The busy are easy prey because they want the product now, or they have not had time to plan ahead so they have to pay the full (inflated) price. They don’t buy when there’s a sale on because they’re busy when the sale is on.

- The ignorant are easy prey because they don’t know where or how to get a better deal. They fail to search for a coupon for an online retailer, or don’t know how to use the comparison app.

- The vain are easy prey because they’d rather pay for the brand badge, the clothes from the most recent season, the most current designer, be seen dining at Per Se.
marketing  segmentation 
9 days ago by tom.reeder
How Red Bull optimises need-state-based retail activations | WARC
“Personality traits are not fixed, and moods, mind-sets and behaviour can be culturally led by the 'herd' around us. The same person can be different people depending on the situation, and can thus find themselves belonging to two or even three segments depending on which mode or role they are in”.


Key segments

Four segments were immediate consumers:

Spontaneous energy seekers
Quick-stop planners
Leisurely single searchers
Treat hunters
A further six bought for future consumption:

Social cold stockers
Benefit browsers
Deal chasers
Trendy potentials
Functional finders


The biggest opportunity for Red Bull, she said, is to open up Functional Finders and Quick-Stop Planners.
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25 days ago by JohnDrake
Robust clustering of languages across Wikipedia growth | Royal Society Open Science
Wikipedia is the largest existing knowledge repository that is growing on a genuine crowdsourcing support. While the English Wikipedia is the most extensive and the most researched one with over 5 million articles, comparatively little is known about the behaviour and growth of the remaining 283 smaller Wikipedias, the smallest of which, Afar, has only one article. Here, we use a subset of these data, consisting of 14 962 different articles, each of which exists in 26 different languages, from Arabic to Ukrainian. We study the growth of Wikipedias in these languages over a time span of 15 years. We show that, while an average article follows a random path from one language to another, there exist six well-defined clusters of Wikipedias that share common growth patterns. The make-up of these clusters is remarkably robust against the method used for their determination, as we verify via four different clustering methods. Interestingly, the identified Wikipedia clusters have little correlation with language families and groups. Rather, the growth of Wikipedia across different languages is governed by different factors, ranging from similarities in culture to information literacy.
Growth  WikiProjects  Longitudinal  LanguageFamily  Language  Segmentation 
28 days ago by Audiences
Tim Ferriss: If You're Not Happy With What You Have, You Might Never Be Happy
“I thought, If I can focus on my strengths and cover my weaknesses enough to not get knocked out, maybe I could actually do something,” he says.

He asked himself another question: Where am I absurdly price-insensitive? Looking at his credit card statements, the answer was obvious. “At the time, I was spending probably $500 a month on sports supplements, and back then I made probably $40,000 pretax in the Bay Area.”

Then, a final question: What do I think I can market effectively?

Ferriss had been a student of marketing since he was a kid. He often stayed up well past bedtime, immersed in late-night infomercials. “I was curious to find out how the mind works and how we navigate our decisions,” he says. He’d study the scripts, taking notes. On occasion, he’d place an order just to see what arrived, then return it for a refund. He even kept a binder filled with ads that had worked on him. He combined all this insight into a supplements company, BrainQuicken, which launched in 2000. Sales were sluggish, but he noticed users raving about the physical results they derived from the product—even though it was designed to enhance their minds. “I was hearing from high-level NCAA athletes: ‘I’m jumping higher!’ ‘My time off the blocks is faster!’” The problem wasn’t the product, he realized, but the positioning. “I thought people wanted to be smarter,” he says, “and they do. They just won’t spend $50 on it.” He kept the formula the same but changed the name to BodyQuick and targeted athletes. Soon he had a hit.
timferriss  interviews  marketing  segmentation 
6 weeks ago by cmananian
Clorox Successfully Implements a Program for Value Chain Segmentation
By piloting this approach with several businesses, General Managers began to understand the trade-offs such as “If you focus on speed, cost will be good, but likely not industry best.” A powerful part of the process is the trade-offs conversation to establish the predominant capability needed. We used the diagram in Figure 5 to illustrate the trade-offs with the leadership teams."
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9 weeks ago by jonerp
💸 | Finimize
Understand today’s financial news in 3 minutes. Without jargon. For free.
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10 weeks ago by cmananian

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