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Prosodic unit - Wikipedia
In linguistics, a prosodic unit, often called an intonation unit or intonational phrase, is a segment of speech that occurs with a single prosodic contour (pitch and rhythm contour).
In  linguistics  a  prosodic  unit  often  called  an  intonation  or  intonational  phrase  is  segment  of  speech  that  occurs  with  single  contour  (pitch  and  rhythm  contour). 
9 weeks ago by jberkel
analytics-android/ at master · segmentio/analytics-android
The hassle-free way to add analytics to your Android app. - segmentio/analytics-android
segment  error  attribution 
10 weeks ago by lgtout
Attribution Tracking: Disable by default and log less verbose. · Issue #533 · segmentio/analytics-android
I got this issue, the event is send to Segment but I got this error into the console android E/Analytics: Unable to track attribution information. Retrying on next launch.
segment  error  attribution 
10 weeks ago by lgtout
Segment Routing
The application steers its packets through an ordered list of instructions and realizes end-to-end policy without creating any per-flow state in the network.
Segment  Routing 
january 2019 by binfyang
Appboy/appboy-segment-android: Braze's side-by-side Android SDK integration with Segment.IO
Braze's side-by-side Android SDK integration with Segment.IO - Appboy/appboy-segment-android
braze  appboy  segment  library  integration 
december 2018 by lgtout

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