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Understanding the SSH Encryption and Connection Process | DigitalOcean
SSH, or secure shell, is a secure protocol and the most common way of safely administering remote servers. Using a number of encryption technologies, SSH provides a mechanism for establishing a cryptographically secured connection between two parties, authenticating each side to the other, and passing commands and output back and forth. -==- In other guides, we have discussed how to configure SSH key-based access, how to connect using SSH, and some SSH tips and tricks. -==- In this guide, we will be examining the underlying encryption techniques that SSH employs and the methods it uses to establish secure connections. This information can be useful for understanding the various layers of encryption and the different steps needed to form a connection and authenticate both parties.
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yesterday by jchris
Telegram reportedly ordered to share encryption keys with FSB - CNET
According to a Bloomberg report, Telegram Messenger lost its case in the Russian Supreme Court.
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yesterday by kger
'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine | News | The Guardian
Sandy Parakilas says numerous companies deployed these techniques – likely affecting hundreds of millions of users – and that Facebook looked the other way
security  privacy  facebook  datamining  guardian  surveillance 
yesterday by jorgebarba
Accelerating Precision Health by Applying the Lessons Learned from Direct-to-Consumer Genomics to Digital Health Technologies - National Academy of Medicine | National Academy of Medicine
In the field of genomics and precision health, digital health apps are also making their way onto the market. For instance, Helix launched a DNA app store in July 2017 that acts as a “one stop shop” for interested individuals to interact with their genomic data [6]. The Scripps Translational Science Institute’s MyGeneRank study is using genetic information received from users of 23andMe, a personal genetics company [7], to assess genetic risk for coronary heart disease and reporting it back through a mobile app [8]. Other research efforts, such as the All of Us Research Program, hope to use wearables and other home-health technologies to gather environmental and personal health measurements to correlate with patient outcomes data [9,10].
healthcare  Mobile  App  privacy  Security 
yesterday by PieroRivizzigno
Suspending Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group from Facebook | Facebook Newsroom
"The fact that our platform was used to leak a f*ckton of harmful data can't be called a data breach because it was working as designed"
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