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Certified malice • text/plain
Eric Lawrence:
<p>One unfortunate (albeit entirely predictable) consequence of making HTTPS certificates “fast, open, automated, and free” is that both good guys and bad guys alike will take advantage of the offer and obtain HTTPS certificates for their websites.

Today’s bad guys can easily turn a run-of-the-mill phishing spoof:

<img src="" width="100%" />

…into a somewhat more convincing version, by obtaining a free “domain validated” certificate and lighting up the green lock icon in the browser’s address bar:

<img src="" width="100%" />

The resulting phishing site looks almost identical to the real site…

By December 8, 2016, LetsEncrypt had issued 409 certificates containing “Paypal” in the hostname; that number is up to 709 as of this morning. Other targets include BankOfAmerica (14 certificates), Apple, Amazon, American Express, Chase Bank, Microsoft, Google, and many other major brands. LetsEncrypt validates only that (at one point in time) the certificate applicant can publish on the target domain. The CA also grudgingly checks with the SafeBrowsing service to see if the target domain has already been blocked as malicious, although they “disagree” that this should be their responsibility. LetsEncrypt’s <a href="">short position paper</a> is worth a read; many reasonable people agree with it.</p>

It's a real mess.
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
Wire for journalists — protecting sources when traveling – Wire News – Medium
Wire for journalists — protecting sources when traveling – Wire News – Medium
Security  wire  travel  t 
2 days ago by paulbradshaw
Basic Security Guide (Tech Solidarity)
Basic security precautions for non-profits and journalists in the United States, early 2017.
Security  tips 
2 days ago by paulbradshaw
Excel refusing to open files? Blame the KB 3115322, 3115262 security updates | InfoWorld
There are three workarounds listed in Freya's post: Stop using HTML to wrap XLS files, unblock access to individual files, or add the source of the files to the Trusted Locations list in Excel
Excel  security 
2 days ago by jasonsamuels
Flynn under fire for fake news
As Donald Trump’s national security adviser, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will have to advise the president of the veracity of foreign and domestic threats, separating those that require immediate policy action from propaganda or misinformation.

But Flynn himself has used social media to promote a series of outrageous conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and their inner circles in recent months — pushing dubious factoids at least 16 times since Aug. 9, according to a POLITICO review of his Twitter posts. Flynn, who has 106,000 Twitter followers, has used the platform to retweet accusations that Clinton is involved with child sex trafficking and has "secretly waged war” on the Catholic Church, as well as charges that Obama is a “jihadi” who “laundered” money for Muslim terrorists.
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2 days ago by campylobacter

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