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CLKSCREW: Exposing the perils of security-oblivious energy management | the morning paper
> In this work, we present the CLKSCREW attack, a new class of fault attacks that exploit the security-obliviousness of energy management systems to break security. A novel benefit for the attackers is that these fault attacks become more accessible since they can now be conducted without the need for physical access to the devices or fault injection equipment.

Demonstrating the potency of the attack on commodity ARM devices (a Nexus 6 phone), the authors show how it can be used to extract secret keys from an ARM TrustZone, and can escalate privileges to load self-signed code into Trustzone.

You thought Rowhammer was bad!
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Protecting a Laptop from Simple and Sophisticated Attacks
"I recently replaced my OSX based Macbook with an Ubuntu based Lenovo Thinkpad T420. I’ve done a number of things out of the ordinary to secure it, so thought I’d write an overview. You may find some of these techniques interesting, and maybe even useful. You may even learn about an attack or two that you were unaware of..."
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Ccleaner Supply-chain Attack - Daily Security Byte | Secplicity - Security Simplified
nfortunately, Talos researchers have discovered that the official Ccleaner installer had been booby-trapped with malware for over a month. In order to have planted this malware into an installer with a legitimate digital signature, the attacker had to get deep within Piriform’s supply chain. We don’t know yet whether this was a sophisticated breach or an insider attack, but it’s a big deal in either case.
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