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VBox & VMware in SecureBoot Linux (2016 Update) – Homo programaticus
How to keep SecureBoot on your laptop, and still run VirtualBox/VMWare with a Linux host OS.
linux  virtualbox  secureboot  howto  guide 
6 weeks ago by dashcloud
Booting Secure – mikeymikey blogs here
So now the 2018 MacBook Pro exists. If you didn’t hear, it ships with Secure Boot. If you did hear, you might be freaking out about that. But more importantly, some of them may have just completely destroyed your entire macOS imaging / provisioning workflows. Mac computers that have the Apple T2 chip don’t support starting up from network volumes. [N key:] Computers that have the Apple T2 chip don’t support this startup key. If you’re using a Mac that has the Apple T2 chip, check the settings in Startup Security Utility. These settings determine whether your Mac can start up from another disk.
apple  mac  security  macos  imaging  sysadmin  secureboot 
august 2018 by dlkinney
Booting Secure
Howdy, y’all. Long time 😄 So now the 2018 MacBook Pro exists.
mac  security  apple  macbookpro  2018  secureboot 
july 2018 by lorenzo
Bootstrappr – Managing OS X
Short script that will install packages at a path, run from a terminal in Recovery Mode. Would be able to use as either a USB drive or disk image available via http.
imacpro  secureboot  macadmin  provisioning 
january 2018 by macjustice

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