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Where in Britain does 'do God'? - UnHerd
It is not insignificant that many of the places in this list that are the ‘least religious’ — Cambridge, Edinburgh etc — are also the most Remain-y. For the secular minded, the EU is a safe little space where the fantasy of religious decline can still be maintained. Stuck in a mid-20th-century narrative of secularisation, Remainers are trying to ward off the realisation that they may have to contend again with an idea that they believed to have been dead and buried – that of God.
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7 days ago by dolan_cummings
Ayodhya verdict | Several positives for the Muslim plaintiffs - The Hindu
"This seems to be the most controversial part of the verdict as the court used freedom of religious faith to uphold the Hindu case when it said that “whether a belief is justified lies beyond [the] ken of judicial scrutiny.” It went on to hold that “once the witnesses have deposed to the basis of the belief and there is nothing to doubt its genuineness, it is not open to the court to question the basis of belief. Scriptural interpretations are susceptible to a multitude of inferences. The court would do well not to step into the pulpit by adjudging which, if any, of competing interpretations should be accepted.” But did not this very court interpret Koran on maintenance in the Shah Bano case (1985) and on triple divorce in the Shayara Bano case (2017)? Did it not reject the Hanafi interpretation?"

--Non-Indians unenlightened on the peculiar interpretation of secularism in Indian constitution and in its supreme court might have a tough time understanding the precedents and the rationale behind the verdict. There is no doubt that _this_ verdict was a blunder, but a closer read of the verdict suggests that an overall 'save' by the court. But why it had to make that 'forced error' with crazy consequences is not clear. Scary times nevertheless.
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4 weeks ago by rvenkat
New Atheism: The Godlessness That Failed | Slate Star Codex
-- Interesting hypothesis based on a secular hamartiology -- the study of sin-- as the reason for the demise of New Atheism.
scott.alexander  internet_culture  contemporary_culture  atheism  secularism  theology 
6 weeks ago by rvenkat
The Christian Right Is Helping Drive Liberals Away From Religion
Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux and Daniel Cox/FiveThirtyEight, Sept. 18, 2019.
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10 weeks ago by markcoddington
Whose Life? | Public Books
"This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom Martin Hägglund Pantheon, 2019"
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12 weeks ago by tsuomela
Untitled (
RT : Tune in for our rebroadcast of an earlier show on in Maine: 1 pm and 8 pm
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june 2019 by mshook
Alice Roberts: government should step up humanist wedding recognition | Life and style | The Guardian
The government is dragging its feet on legal recognition of humanist weddings despite growing demand for such ceremonies, the television scientist Prof Alice Roberts has said.

Roberts, who is president of Humanists UK, called for the process of changing the law to be accelerated. “More and more people are turning to a humanist way of marking the milestone events of life: the birth of a child, celebrating a marriage and remembering a loved one,” she said. “The government said a couple of years ago that it would make humanist weddings legal, but it has dragged its feet.”

In Scotland, where humanist celebrants have been permitted to conduct weddings since 2005, there are more humanist weddings than weddings in the Church of Scotland and the Catholic church combined, she added. “The government needs to make this happen soon.”
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june 2019 by seatrout
Why 'Do You Believe in God?' Is at the Heart of Our Religious Problem - Rewire.News - Religion Dispatches
Whether unconsciously or not, we use the term “religion” as a substitute for “theism” (belief in divinity). This is partly because Christianity, as the dominant religious system in the United States, normalizes a lot of its characteristics. Religion is not the same as “theism,” nor does it require an institutional affiliation. Often, students remark they are “spiritual” and not “religious,” because they think religion means an institutional identification (and they do not want this association). Once they hear about William James’ definition of religion—“the feelings, acts, and experiences of individual men in their solitude, so far as they apprehend themselves to stand in relation to whatever they may consider the divine”—their popular associations with religion begin to break down.

In 1996, I converted to Pedestrianism,* one of the many New Religious Movements (NRM) around the world. As a Pedestrian, my focus is on my conscience and reflecting deeply upon my own sense of right and wrong. In my religion, questions about divinities, heaven and hell, and other external factors distract me from my purpose as I “walk through life.” This stance—and more particularly my response—disturbs the fundamental categories we employ about religion.

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june 2019 by seatrout

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