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Every Major Advertising Group Is Blasting Apple for Blocking Cookies in the Safari Browser – Adweek
When Apple first announced the limitations to cross-website tracking in June, the company said the changes are meant to improve trust with users, explaining that “users feel that trust is broken when they are being tracked and privacy-sensitive data about their web activity is acquired for purposes that they never agreed to.”
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september 2017 by JohnDrake
Is There Spyware in Ubuntu?
But above all, if you want to be safe, don't beat a path directly to a company or CEO that has a history of creating spyware. It is obviously unwise to do so.
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november 2016 by some_hren
Why Apple Pay is the Most Secure Form of Payment | Big Nerd Ranch
Fumbling with a bunch of credit cards and a wallet is a hassle. Who wouldn’t prefer to just use their phone or smart watch for transactions? But are we giving up security in the name of convenience? I don’t think so.
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march 2015 by pitiphong_p
Attacking the IPsec Standards in Encryption-only Configurations
Summary: IPsec without integrity checks leads to a CBC padding oracle attack. Improperly padded messages are dropped by the IPsec implementation, but properly padded messages are relayed to the IP layer and trigger detectable ICMP error messages.

Moral: integrity is required to maintain confidentiality.
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november 2013 by blip242
To Profile or Not to Profile? : A Debate between Sam Harris and Bruce Schneier : Sam Harris
Im just going to assume that anyone who "looks like" Sam Harris is trying to disguise their obvious racism with appeals to common sense.
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may 2012 by zota

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