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A guide to automating HashiCorp Vault #1: Auto-unsealing
Vault is an open source tool created by HashiCorp for securely storing secrets, such as database passwords, API keys, and TLS certs. Authenticating to Vault as a normal user is easy, you just need to…
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7 hours ago by lincze
StackExchange/blackbox: Safely store secrets in Git/Mercurial/Subversion |
Safely store secrets in Git/Mercurial/Subversion. Contribute to StackExchange/blackbox development by creating an account on GitHub.
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23 hours ago by kme
DIY Portable Secrets Manager With a Raspberry Pi Zero and ARC
For the last few days I’ve been working on a new project which I developed for very specific needs and reasons: I need to store safely (encrypted) my passwords, sensitive files, notes, etc. I need to
DYI  rpi  raspberypi  portable  secrets  manager 
yesterday by vojtabiberle
shyiko/kubesec: Secure Secret management for Kubernetes (with gpg, Google Cloud KMS and AWS KMS backends)
Secure Secret management for Kubernetes (with gpg, Google Cloud KMS and AWS KMS backends) - shyiko/kubesec
kubernetes  k8s  security  secrets  tool 
yesterday by dewe
How Huawei targets Apple trade secrets • The Information
Wayne Ma:
<p>To arrange the November meeting [with the maker of Apple's heart sensor component for its Watch], the Huawei engineer first dangled a potential business deal with the supplier, according to messages reviewed by The Information.

“Our design is similar to Apple’s,” the engineer wrote in a text message to the executive with the supplier. “Let’s first talk generally about the cost of a prototype before we provide the schematic,” he wrote. “Sales of Huawei wearables this year are expected to hit 1 million units,” he added.

After the executive expressed reservations about making a component that was too similar to Apple’s, the Huawei engineer backpedaled. “The shape of the product won’t be the same,” the engineer said.

At one point, the Huawei engineer emailed the executive a photo of material it was considering for a heart rate sensor. “Feel free to suggest a design you already have experience with,” the engineer wrote.

The Huawei engineer attended the supplier meeting with four Huawei researchers in tow. The Huawei team spent the next hour and a half pressing the supplier for details about the Apple Watch, the executive said.

“They were trying their luck, but we wouldn’t tell them anything,” the executive said. After that, Huawei went silent.

In another incident, Huawei is suspected of copying a connector Apple developed in 2016 that made the MacBook Pro hinge thinner while still attaching the computer’s display to its logic board, according to a person familiar with the matter. A similar component, made of 13 similar parts assembled in the same manner, showed up last year in Huawei’s MateBook Pro, which was released as a competitor to Apple’s MacBooks, the person said. Apple submitted a patent for the component in 2016, and it remains pending.

Huawei approached multiple Apple suppliers with expertise making the component and provided them with the same schematic. Those suppliers recognized the component as Apple’s design and refused to make it for Huawei, the person said. But Huawei eventually found a willing manufacturer.

In response to questions from The Information, Huawei said it requires its suppliers to uphold a high standard of ethics and expects them to honor their confidentiality obligations to other customers when communicating with Huawei.</p>

Huawei, the new Samsung, and then some. Odd that they can't just disassemble things to figure this out.
Huawei  apple  secrets  patents 
4 days ago by charlesarthur

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