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A lot of people don't know this but if you add to a tweet, only the people you mention in the tweet can rea…
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3 days ago by mellowfish
Blue Avians | Spherebeing Alliance
Based on the life and testimony of Secret Space program Insider Corey Goode. Help bring disclosure information into the public mainstream through this amazing and beautiful graphic Novel and Comic series. Spherebeing Alliance.
mt  coreygoode  secret  spaceprogram  wistleblowing  comics  disclosure  mainstream  scifi  book  want  aliens  extraterrestrial  insights  humanity  freedom  resource 
8 days ago by orlin
shyiko/kubesec: Secure Secret management for Kubernetes (with gpg, Google Cloud KMS and AWS KMS backends)
Secure Secret management for Kubernetes (with gpg, Google Cloud KMS and AWS KMS backends) - shyiko/kubesec
kubesec  kubernetes  secret  tool 
14 days ago by lamanotrama

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