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Top story: : 'The Literary Festival at the Fantasy Faire is this week! J…
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27 days ago by LibrariesVal
Top story: : 'Fantasy Faire in is open, and you can now shop, quest, dan…
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Top story: : 'Meet Morgue and Brendan - two Residents who were meant to…
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Boobs, muscles & fairy wings: everything i know about how humans design their avatar selves • Hunter Walk
<p>It was a combination of early career anxiety and actual startup struggles which combined to make my years working on Second Life personally stressful. I remember my parents visiting our office and casting a sideways glance at the bottles of Mylanta and hard alcohol sitting side by side on my desk, like the cartoon angel and devil characters sitting on the shoulders of an 80s movie character wrestling with his conscience. With some hindsight perspective though, the tremendous benefits of the experience became clear – I had the opportunity to work on a thoughtful, innovative product with an amazing technical team and together we produced what is ultimately an ongoing, profitable company (even if it failed to achieve its full potential).

Besides the meta-learnings about how startups function, there were a [NeesonVoice] very particular set of skills [/NeesonVoice] that I took away from my years at Linden Lab. The other day a young entrepreneur – she was in diapers when we started Second Life – asked me about avatars and specifically the design decisions we made about how people could represent themselves in our virtual world. It was so much fun reminiscing about what we observed that I wanted to document some stuff here. </p>

The point about how teens choose to appear is particularly interesting.
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july 2018 by charlesarthur
This ad rather unnerved me - what are they trying to tell me? What are they trying to appeal to? And wh…
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july 2018 by lisov
AltspaceVR Inc | Be there, together.
It's like a terrible modern version of Second Life. In VR.
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may 2018 by dmje

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