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The Long Weekend - Chapter 9 - Devereauxs_Disease - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Feed your dogs, leave a note for Alana.

It had been such a tempting offer, one that buzzed around in Will's mind. He responded on instinct, pressing his mouth to Hannibal's. Then, he ran for all he was worth...

When Hannibal finally finds him, he makes a proposal: Spend one weekend together, and make a decision once and for all about his and Hannibal's fate. Can Will still play Hannibal to get the evidence he and Jack need? Or is he playing a new game now?
“I’m not going to thank you for killing her nicely.”

“I wouldn't ask you to,” Hannibal said. “Just as I hope you won’t expect an apology for her slaughter.”

He didn’t. He hadn’t. Will had known the type of beast he was dealing with the second it peered at him through the bars of Chilton’s cage. One couldn’t expect a lion to apologize to a zebra.

Something roiled in Will’s gut. He knew this was wrong. He knew understanding Hannibal wasn’t a symptom of his own desires, but of his empathy disorder. He had clung to that idea for weeks. The dreams, the fantasies, the secret hopes – they were all just a quirk of his broken mind, nothing more. He was crazy, he’d have to be to see the beauty in that terrible mind.
fic  hannibal  to_keep  slash  season02  au  will/hannibal 
december 2018 by a_phasia
5 times Barnaby fails to confess + 1 time he succeeds - MemeKonTB (MemeKonYA) - Tiger & Bunny [Archive of Our Own]
When they’re facing off against Maverick, he tells the man, “you took away my parents, and aunt Samantha… and now you’ve taken Kotetsu”.
It’s the cruelty of fate that it’s in that moment, with you’ve taken everything away from me clinging to his throat and wanting to get out, when Barnaby comes to accept what he’s known for months. He’s in love with Kotetsu.
Kotetsu lies, broken and lifeless and nothing like himself, on the grimy floor of this godforsaken place, while they all go to war, and Barnaby’s mind is a medley of sorrow and all the ways he loves this old man, all the ways he’ll miss him, all the ways he’s lost him.
Barnaby is on the brink of death, and all he can get himself to do is face Kotetsu’s way.

He’s about to close his eyes, Kotetsu as the last thing he’ll ever see, as the one thing he wishes he could carry with him on to death, but then nothing happens. The androids come to a halt as one, and death doesn’t come.

Just like that, the battle’s over.
barnaby/kotetsu  fic  slash  tiger&bunny  to_keep  season02  5_things 
october 2018 by a_phasia
Coming Up for Air - kisahawklin - Stranger Things - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: A couple of days after the climax of the second season; set before the epilogue (school dance). Nancy and Jonathan and Steve figure stuff out.
There's some jostling that shifts things at some point; Steve turns over and has a vague impression of staring at Nancy, both their eyes open. He's super tired, though, and it isn't until he's being forcibly pushed into the middle of the bed that he realizes their sleeping arrangements have become a Steve sandwich, and Jonathan has slung an arm over his chest.

He's not awake enough to have any coherent thoughts about it except "I'm kinda warm" and the throws his arm over Nancy, too, because it's just more comfortable that way.
fic  stranger_things  poly  jonathan/steve/nancy  to_keep  season02 
october 2018 by a_phasia
To Know - Chapter 1 - Basingstoke - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: History twitches slightly to the left. The teacup does not shatter. Will runs off with Hannibal and Abigail.
"You don't know what love is."

"Don't I?"

"You fed me Abigail's ear," Will said. Hannibal's heartbeat didn't shift. His hand was warm over Will's eyes.

"Out of love for her, I think. You're catching your breath."

"I know what to do with fear. I know the taste and smell and shape of it. Looking in your brain is like looking off the top of a skyscraper with no ledge holding you back. I've fallen before. Maybe I'm still falling now."

Hannibal pressed Will in his arms and legs like a snake. Will felt his breath slowing to meet Hannibal's, his heart rate lowering, though still quick as a rabbit compared to Hannibal's steadiness.

Hannibal kissed his throat. "I was going to gut you," he said. "Not kill you, but gut you. I thought you had betrayed me, and I wanted you to suffer."

"Suffer but not die," Will echoed.
fic  hannibal  au  season02  will/hannibal  slash  to_keep 
october 2018 by a_phasia
Roj Blake, and Other Phobias - aralias - Blake's 7 [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Avon is not gay, and he’s not attracted to Blake. He’s just confused. And drunk. He’s very drunk.
A highly rational counter argument to the one I’d made earlier. The fact that Blake had consulted me about his plans for a base on Horizon did factor into my decision, but it was a minor factor at best. As Blake would have said, I played the percentages. This time they were in his favour. I resigned myself to staying, and to—

No. I’m sorry. I just—

I wanted—

None of that rational explanation is true. None of it.
fic  to_keep  blakes7  season02  blake/avon  slash  episode_related 
march 2018 by a_phasia
Roj Blake, and Other Phobias - aralias - Blake's 7 [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Avon is not gay, and he’s not attracted to Blake. He’s just confused. And drunk. He’s very drunk.
The fact that Blake had consulted me about his plans for a base on Horizon did factor into my decision, but it was a minor factor at best. As Blake would have said, I played the percentages. This time they were in his favour. I resigned myself to staying, and to—

No. I’m sorry. I just—

I wanted—

None of that rational explanation is true. None of it.
blakes7  blake/avon  slash  to_keep  season02  fic 
february 2018 by a_phasia
The Guy Who Caught Him - aralias - Blake's 7 [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Back on the London, Blake wondered aloud how good Avon really was. That question has been bothering Avon ever since.
“You didn’t sleep either,” Avon observed as he stepped backwards into the bay.

“No,” Blake said briefly. “Ready?”

“Worried about the result, presumably,” Avon said

“No,” Blake said, making final adjustments to the teleport. “I trust you.” He looked up, his expression unchanged, as though he hadn’t just made a sweeping, important statement that was very probably false. “Ready?”

Rather than reply, Avon nodded. Was it true? Unlikely, given the events of the previous day. That meant it was a lie, but Blake wanted him to feel better. Consideration, Avon supposed. That was something.
fic  to_keep  blakes7  blake/avon  season02  slash 
january 2018 by a_phasia
Human Nature - aralias - Blake's 7 [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Vila's head has just never stayed adjusted. Not everyone is so fortunate.
I should have said that was exactly how I saw Blake (unstable, inconsistent, not what we needed), but I was rather busy – keeping myself from throwing up. Orac talked of Blake's mind as though it was a computer database, like Orac's own, which I had idly considered reprogramming only minutes ago. Of course, that’s exactly what it is, and I know that. More to the point that's exactly what my brain is too. Human beings are machines, driven by electrical signals, just like Orac is. They're badly performing machines in most cases. They rarely do what they are supposed to. Blake never does. But that didn't mean that I ... That I thought Blake should ... That I condoned ...

I have never asked Blake about the period of time he was conditioned, though presumably it affected his life and the decisions he made aboard the Liberator considerably. I have never wanted to.
fic  blakes7  season02  episode_related  blake/avon  slash  to_keep 
january 2018 by a_phasia
Dead Hearts - Chapter 1 - timidghosts - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Life. Death. Life. Theirs was a story in three parts.
And then he saw it, what he should have known all along and yet somehow never suspected. He watched as the men all stopped, their jeers died in their throats, and their triumphant smiles faded. They were all looking at James as he walked among them. He wasn't just one of them, he was their leader, and suddenly Thomas knew.

This wasn't James McGraw.
fic  au  black_sails  slash  season02  to_keep  flint/thomas 
august 2016 by a_phasia
Nature's Delight - Fyre - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: When they took The Lady Jane, the last thing anyone expected was the human cargo.
“I am Mr Scott, sir.” Scott murmured. “The Captain believes we should be introduced.”

The Captain looked as if he was regretting the decision already. “Mr Scott brought Eme to assist us. I felt it was only justified that he was made aware of the situation.” He glanced up at Scott, then back at his guest. “His… family have been keeping Nassau in check for the last half-dozen years. Mr Scott may be able to fill in any gaps that I have not been able to. Mr Scott, this is Thomas-”

“McGraw,” the man interrupted. “My name is Thomas McGraw.”

Again, Flint’s expression shifted, and he pressed the edge of his hand against the table. His cheek was twitching, but he nodded. “Thomas McGraw.” He took a breath and released it sharply. “He knows Nassau’s history very well, you will find.”
fic  au  slash  season02  to_keep  outsider-pov  flint/thomas 
august 2016 by a_phasia
Lead the Way - breathtaken - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: What happened after the dinner.
He tried again. “Forgive me. I –”

She waved his attempts carelessly away. “I thought we might retire.” Her expression was arch, but with something deeper behind it, something hungrier – she means the three of us together, James thought faintly, the bottom dropping out of his stomach as he looked reflexively back at Thomas, drawn like a compass needle to north.

Thomas, who wasn’t at all surprised – they planned this, of course, they must have – just reached for James’ hand, his grip warm and certain. “Will you? Come with us?”
fic  pre-canon  black_sails  episode_related  season02  to_keep  flint/miranda/thomas  poly 
august 2016 by a_phasia
Offal - objectlesson - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: But what if Hannibal has been an angler fish this whole time, attached to his own spectacularly glowing lure? What if you end up in his mouth, tripping after his brilliance, past caring that you are the one being swallowed after all?
You know what Hannibal is before you know what he is. There is an animal knowing deep inside you, a knowing like that in your dogs when they woof from their sleep, ears pricking up involuntarily at the snap of a twig outside, the crunch of snow beneath a stag’s hoof. A knowing from your dreams, a knowing so deep and terrible it is like the knowing of God.

You would know consciously if it weren’t for your other feelings surrounding Hannibal Lecter. If he were just your psychiatrist, just your colleague, just your friend, then maybe you would see it with something other than your hidden third eye, your wolf’s heart which beats harder in the presence of greatness, of terror. You would recognize he was not what he seems, you’d be able to align him with the other minds you force yourself to behold, the masks you must put on only to pry from your flesh with shaking fingers lest they grow permanently adhered to you. You would see him for what he is: another hole of madness into which you must not fall. The darkest, deepest, most alluring. A true psychopath you called him once, before you knew beyond the dog-knowing, the God-knowing.
fic  to_keep  season01  season02  hannibal  slash  will/hannibal 
may 2016 by a_phasia
Ma - murdergatsby - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Will accidently falls asleep on Hannibal's couch.
This moment in time was incomparable to anything Hannibal had ever felt. Breathtaking, earth shattering, and absolutely devastating. He thought of Will, singularly, and tried to apply those same words but Will was so beyond that. He was beyond any word in Hannibal’s vocabulary; Seven languages under his belt and not a single word for Will Graham.
fic  hannibal  season02  gen-ish  will/hannibal  to_keep 
march 2016 by a_phasia
endlessly fascinated
Brown says to Hannibal, “Judas had the decency to hang himself in his shame and betrayal, but I thought you needed help.” Comparing Hannibal to Judas reverses the role of Hannibal that we have seen throughout season 1 and 2.
meta  hannibal  season02  episode_related  to_keep 
march 2016 by a_phasia
Urban Legend - Molly - Supernatural, White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Sam and Dean catch a case in the Big Apple -- an overly-haunted mansion stuffed with monsters, Feds and con artists.
The household, as it turns out, doesn't have rhythms. What it seems to have is a bunch of unemployed people camping out in an apartment upstairs, and a rich older lady playing matron to whoever happens to wander in the front door. There's the little guy with the glasses and the sweaters, the hot chick with the legs and the hair, the other hot chick with the eyes and the hips, the stiff in the suit, and the slick pretty boy who seems to be his boyfriend. Then there's the staff -- a maid, a cook, and a driver they know about, possibly more they don't -- plus all the rich lady's friends. Dean's not sure how a house crawling with this many people managed to get so infected, but the EMF doesn't lie. Not since he fixed it the last time, anyway.

fic  podfic  to_keep  gen-ish  crossover  white_collar  season02  supernatural  season06 
january 2016 by a_phasia
The Spider's Thread - Chapter 1 - tangerine (arte) - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: "My compassion for you is inconvenient, Will."
Hannibal is the only one who survives the fall. He watches Will die in his arms.
Then, a single thread of a spider is dangled upon him in his time in Hell. He gets to go back in time and spend one day and one day only with his love, Will Graham.
Will doesn't know what hits him.
Will fished Hannibal's other hand from water, water dripping like a crash. Hannibal turned so that Will could hold both of his wrists more easily. "I tried to track down the personality, the point of view behind your words. To see who changed you before I could." Will's eyes bore into his, scooping into bottom. Hannibal wanted him to take more. "But there was no one else, was there?"

"Only you, Will," he said, captured.

"A version of me," Will said, taking a step back.
fic  hannibal  theme:time_travel  to_keep  slash  will/hannibal  season03  season02 
january 2016 by a_phasia
Ravenous - Chapter 1 - rageprufrock - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Clarice Starling meets Hannibal Lecter armed with a copy of the Buffalo Bill file.
"Be careful with Hannibal," Dr. Bloom instructs. "We will review the physical procedures we use to deal with him — do not deviate from it. Do not deviate from it one iota for any reason. If Hannibal talks to you at all, it's because he's experiencing the kind of curiosity that makes a snake look into a bird's nest, and — " Dr. Bloom stops here, a deliberate, significant pause " — and you know what he did to Will Graham."

"I read about it," Clarice says.

Everyone in the world had read about it. There's a movie in the works and on the drive to Baltimore from Quantico there'd been jabber on the radio about casting for a film, based on Freddie Lounds' terrible, compulsively readable dumpster fire of a book.
fic  hannibal  silence_of_the_lambs  season02  au  futurefic  outsider-pov  theme:epistolary/document/academic  gen-ish  will/hannibal   
december 2015 by a_phasia
Moving Forward - Chapter 1 - acromantulabtch - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Will launches his plan to lure Hannibal in on the evening of January twelfth, the day of their first therapy session after his release from prison and the night Will hears that Frederick Chilton had been shot in the face. Feeling infuriated and guilty over his death and all the other deaths he had seen, Will wishes for another chance, and gets one. Now Will has to decide if he’s really reliving the same day over and over, and if so, what to do with the opportunity.
fic  hannibal  unread  wip  season02  theme:supernatural 
october 2015 by a_phasia
Hannibal ||Bad Moon Rising - YouTube
«Last time he sent me into a dark place, I brought something back»
fan_vid  hannibal  gen  season02 
august 2015 by a_phasia

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