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improv group - Google Image Search
A google search which is by itself a joke somehow because something about the images says something more than the search terms would necessarily imply. The point here is that all improv groups present themselves in the same kind of way. And that kind of way is a slightly cringe-inducing attempt to appear different. It's like they're all saying "Hey, we're a bit wacky, a bit different" and in doing that they all appear somehow the same. It's great!
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september 2018 by ghijklmno
Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: "The best workaround I've found to Twitter's horrible new algorithm is putting this in the search bar: filter:follows -filter:replies include:nativeretweets You will get your old chronological timeline back with no "likes" and w
“The best workaround I’ve found to Twitter’s horrible new algorithm is putting this in the search bar:

“filter:follows -filter:replies include:nativeretweets

“You will get your old chronological timeline back with no ‘likes’ and with retweets from people you actually follow.”
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september 2018 by handcoding

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