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Pinterest Lens now gives users a way to figure out their outfits with the clothes in their closet | TechCrunch
Now the company is going a step further in tapping that big use case by letting Pinterest users tap the camera’s visual search technology with clothes that are already in their closet as they decide what they want to wear today. Instead of searching for clothing options with ripped jeans, users can now point their camera at their pair of ripped jeans. They type in a kind of search — say “outfits for the beach” — and then point their camera to dive deeper into that rabbit hole with a specific product they already own. Pinterest will then execute a visual search on those jeans, and users can tap around and see various kinds of outfits that might interest them.
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Search domains and find probably domain hacks
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RT : Affiliate Marketing Massive Profits With Native Ads System

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RT : Affiliate Marketing Alchemy: Affiliate Business Blueprint

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RT : Local app 📌 could make FB relevant again! (🇺🇸 only)
Page admins should:
✔️Add an address if rele…
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