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RT : The sea came ripple and whisper in Japan!
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6 days ago by JINHONG
Maria Popova: By the Book - The New York Times
Any book by Jane Hirshfield — a splendid poet and an ordained Buddhist — would probably do more good in this country, in the White House and in every home, than all the political op-eds and polemics combined.
12 days ago by seaugust
My Favorite Childhood Gadget of the '80s, the Speak & Spell, Is Back
That’s probably going to deter some Speak & Spell fans from dropping $25 on the new version when it’s available sometime in the Fall, but the recorded voice actually sounds clearer with better pronunciation.
12 days ago by seaugust
Purl | Pixar SparkShorts - YouTube
Purl, directed by Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan, features an earnest ball of yarn named Purl who gets a job in a fast-paced, high energy, bro-tastic start-up.
14 days ago by seaugust
The 16 Weirdest, Funniest, & Craziest Perfume Commercials Of All Time
"A thousand quivers." "Primal essence." "USE IT BEFORE YOU STALK." So much gold to be found in this 1983 ad.
19 days ago by seaugust

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