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Mother May I
Summary: In which Newt can recognize an Obscurial by sight.

|| The young man beside the woman stands stiff and awkward, looking at people's feet rather than their faces and when ever a person comes close he dully offers them a leaflet. Newt watches his every move, wishing he had his notebook and quill to write it all down.

It's remarkable and terrifying all at once – he has all the markers. Stiffness of back and awkwardness of motion – refusal to meet eyes or look at faces. Dullness of movement – sluggishness at the feet, like he's wading through water. His hands twitch every so often, and his fingers move ever so slow. Loss of physical dexterity, clear as day.

Newt stares at his hands, holding the leaflet – there, a cut, red and sore in the young man's palm. A bit of paper is dragging against it and it must hurt worse than any paper cut could, but the young man doesn't notice.

From Newt's previous observations, they stop feeling physical pain towards the end – if they don't notice they're hurt or pay attention to it, they just don't feel it. Loss of sensation – accompanied by loss of sense of taste and smell, followed by loss of hearing…

And yet, the young man is in his twenties. Twenties and like this. He must be incredibly powerful.

Newt takes a deep breath. Remarkable and terrifying – and so soon after Sudan too.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Character:Newt_Scamander  Character:MaryLou_Barebone  Character:Modesty_Barebone  Character:Chastity_Barebone  Character:Credence_Barebone  Character:Tina_Goldstein  Character:Queenie_Goldstein  Character:Percival_Graves  Character:Geller_Grindelwald  Story_Length:Long 
december 2018 by Carnadosa
Tumbling HP Crossovers - Chapter 21 - esama - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Attempt at accidental Supervillain Harry.

|| The day began almost disgustingly normally. Harry woke up in the soft fresh sheets of the absolutely lovely muggle bed-and-breakfast he'd settled in the night previous, and down in the dinner hall slash restaurant he was served what was possibly some of the best eggs and bacon he had ever had since leaving Hogwarts. The newspaper was full of celebrities and politicians and recent events, none of which ring a bell, and there was news on the radio, full of equally nonsensical stuff. It was a pleasant white noise of nonessential information, and almost blissfully meaningless.

He'd decided that, since it was such a lovely day, he was going to do all of the boring stuff he'd been putting off in the hopes that maybe the whole alternate reality situation would resolve itself. It hadn't, and Harry had been putting it off too long. He was going to do it that day. He was going to go to a bank – a muggle bank, no goblins in sight – and open an account.

He had a good feeling about it too.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Mood:humor  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Fandom:Marvel  Character:Harry_Potter  Character:Phil_Coulson 
december 2018 by Carnadosa
back to work
Summary: The day the Minister is killed, Percy is filling out paperwork at his desk.

The day Voldemort dies, Percy has successfully retained his life and his job. Unfortunately, his ability to trust anyone ever again and his family count among the things he's lost.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Character:Percy_Weasley  Character:Harry_Potter  Character:OC(s)  Character:Shacklebolt  Story_Length:Short  Mood:Angst 
december 2018 by Carnadosa
no more the hammers sing
Summary: These thirteen are the last and so Thorin Oakenshield and his companions are going home to die.

|| OMG just rip out my heart.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Mood:Angst  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Character:Thorin_Oakenshield  Character:Fili  Character:Kili  Character:Balin  Character:Gandalf 
october 2018 by Carnadosa
The Holiday Ten - Chapter 5 - sunryder
John was 87% sure that the SGC hadn’t actually hired Bilbo Baggins, Rodney had just forged the paperwork and no one wanted to ask questions. Honestly, John wouldn’t have been surprised if Rodney had sent a team of Marines to tranq the good doctor, and had them pack up everything he owned while he was unconscious and ship him off to the Pegasus galaxy without actually asking Bilbo if he actually wanted to come. Bilbo was a friendly enough sort of guy that John figured the man would’ve just huffed at the bad planning, then got right back to work, not caring at all about the change in location.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  SD:Crossover  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Fandom:SGA  Character:Bilbo_Baggins  Character:Thorin_Oakenshield  Character:John_Sheppard  Character:Rodeny_McKay  Character:Teyla 
october 2018 by Carnadosa
Open Your Arms To Me
Summary: Bucky isn’t out of the bed he’s been put in to recover when he’s asked what to do with the HYDRA part. It’s alive and healing... regenerating... whatever, as well as he is, physically. They haven’t let it wake up yet. No one is completely sure it will wake up—or if it will have anything like a natural human mind, if it does. He, really. He should try to think of it as a person. Him as a person.

He doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to think of the Winter Soldier at all.


“I take it all back, Rogers,” Tony snarls as soon as Steve picks up. “I really do want to kill Barnes.”

“Tony?” Steve yawns, rudely yanked out of dearly-needed sleep. Tony’s words hit him. “What the hell?” He thought they’d been on the way to working things out.

It’s a mark of exactly how upset Tony is that he doesn’t comment on Steve’s language. “I have half of my parents’ murderer defrosting in Hulk’s room!”

Steve bolts upright and lunges for the set of Wakandan beads that let him check for updates on Bucky. “Wait, what?”
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Gen  SD:First_Time  Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Marvel  SD:Cool_Idea  Character:James_Buchanan_Barnes(Bucky)  Character:Steve_Rogers(Captain_America)  Story_Length:Medium  Warning:Self_Harm 
october 2018 by Carnadosa
vagaries and vicissitudes
Summary: When Harry is nine, Aunt Petunia takes a pair of shears to his head.

|| The pics are amazing.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Story_Length:Short  Character:Harry_Potter  Character:Vernon  Character:Petunia  Character:Dudley 
october 2018 by Carnadosa
Made of Dreams and Bones
Summary: Arthur would have starved that first winter, if it weren’t for Hunith and her son.

When Arthur is disinherited, he finds himself farming in Ealdor.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Gen  SD:First_Time  Fandom:Merlin  Pairing:Merlin/Arthur  Character:Morgana  Character:Gwen  Character:Gaius  Character:Slash_Dragon  Character:Hunith  Character:Balinor  Story_Length:Short 
october 2018 by Carnadosa
A Midnight Weary
Summary: Destiny knocks, but this time, Harry Potter isn't home.

|| It's after the war, after the fighting, but it still feels like they lost. They're not saviors or heroes no matter how much the papers say they are. They're just six lost souls in a world full of fear.

Evil didn't end with Voldemort. It's alive and well in wizarding Britain. It walks the streets and breathes free air. It watches the children as they cling to their mothers. It laughs at all the sacrifices they made and mocks their heartbreak.

The worst part though is that nobody seems to notice or care but them.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  SD:Het  SD:Slash  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Story_Length:Short  Character:Neville_Longbottom  Character:Harry_Potter  Character:Ginny_Weasley  Character:Hermione_Granger  Character:Ron_Weasley  Character:Luna_Lovegood 
october 2018 by Carnadosa
Know the Difference
Summary: “You’ve heard the rumors,” Mustang says, looking at Ed over the top of his latest report, “about the angels.”

Ed scoffs and rolls his eyes, “Angels don’t exist, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Of course, of course,” he murmurs, gaze sliding back down, “There have been multiple eye witness accounts, however.”

Ed slouches into the chair and doesn’t bother to keep the contempt to from his voice when he says, “Don’t depend on anything with wings to save you. Things that were made to leave always end up doing so, in the end.”

“Yes, well,” he says, “sometimes they come back.”
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  SD:Gen  SD:Sex  SD:Creature_Fic  SD:Wing_Fic  Fandom:Full_Metal_Alchemist  Pairing:Ed/Roy  Character:Al_Elric  Character:Winry 
july 2018 by Carnadosa
A Marauder's Plan
Summary: What if Sirius decided to stay in England and deliver on his promise to raise Harry instead of hiding somewhere sunny? Changes abound with that one decision...

|| It can get a little (or a lot YMMV) over-powdered special Harry but it took a long time to built up (it's pretty epic and took me about a week to read). Some of the world building ideas were pretty cool.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Story_Length:Long  Character:Sirius_Black  Character:Harry_Potter  SD:Het  Character:Remus_Lupin  Character:Hermione_Granger  Character:Ron_Weasley  Character:Neville_Longbottom  Character:Albus_Dumbledore  SD:World_Building  SD:Cool_Idea 
april 2018 by Carnadosa
Eye for Eye and Tooth for Tooth
Summary: Bilbo is kidnapped by dwarves looking to hurt the king. Though he manages to escape, he is badly injured and no longer feels safe in Erebor. Thorin, furious at the harm done to his burglar, seeks vengeance. Unfortunately, all he really wants is to find a way to make Bilbo comfortable at his side once again, and that is more difficult.

|| When he’d chosen to remain in Erebor and help Thorin rebuild his kingdom, Bilbo Baggins had foolishly assumed that the days of adventure and peril were in the past. Perhaps he had anticipated a degree of hardship at the start. Maybe only four or five meals a day until they made it through the first winter. One might also reasonably expect that winter inside of a mountain would be a bit chilly and warmth would be something to seek out during such a time. He may even have envisioned some physical difficulty during the work of rebuilding, as accidents happened and any cook knew that a kitchen knife could cut as easily as a sword.

What he had not expected was to be kidnapped, held in a dark, freezing room, and starved.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  SD:Gen  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Story_Length:Short  Character:Dwalin  Character:Fili  Character:Oin 
april 2018 by Carnadosa
kill the masquerade
Summary: It starts when a Gryffindor Muggleborn named Sally decides to order pizza.

(Let's face it: in an age where everybody and their dog carries a camera at all times, the Statute of Secrecy was always going to fall into little bits.)
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Character:OC(s)  SD:Secret_Revealed  Character:Hermione_Granger  Character:Minerva_McGonagall  Character:Shacklebolt  Story_Length:Short 
april 2018 by Carnadosa
Defensive Magic
Summary: AU after OOTP. A one-shot of my theory on what would REALLY have happened if Uncle Vernon ever took a swing at Harry!

Notes: Present Day Author's Note: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, a Jedi apprentice wrote stories in her spare time. Actually, about eight years ago in law school, a law student unwound during exam time by writing hurt-comfort stories. This story is one of three ficlets that I posted exclusively to a small website which is now defunct, alas, and I've been asked by several readers to re-post them. So sorry it took me this long to get around to it!

Obviously, since this is from 2005, it is AU after OOTP (no Horcruxes, no Half-Blood Prince, nada - HBP wasn't out yet). This was my theory on what would REALLY happen if Uncle Vernon took a swing at his nephew. It takes place during the summer after Harry's fifth year.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Character:Harry_Potter  Character:Severus_Snape  Character:Remus_Lupin  Character:Vernon  Character:Petunia  Character:Ron_Weasley  Character:Hermione_Granger  Character:Molly_Weasley  Character:Albus_Dumbledore  Story_Length:Short 
april 2018 by Carnadosa
The Very Best
Summary: They told Harry that magic was real, but had limits. He saw no reason why that had to be so. Why should you only be able to break some laws of nature and physics? He wanted a pet Pikachu – but that was just the beginning. Serious fic with a large serving of silliness & fun.
SD:Fic  SD:Het  SD:First_Time  SD:Gen  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Pairing:Misc(M/F)  Character:Harry_Potter  Character:Luna_Lovegood  Character:Sirius_Black  Character:Ron_Weasley  Character:Hermione_Granger  Story_Length:Medium  Mood:Silly 
april 2018 by Carnadosa
Summary: the Rage was a parenting instinct, meant to help normally weak hobbits protect their children. Of course, if one didn't have their own children, it could kick in around those close enough to be considered family. In retrospect, the only surprising thing was that it hadn't happened sooner.

Fill for prompt on hobbit-kink. "Hobbits have berserk buttons".
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Character:Bilbo_Baggins  Story_Length:Short 
april 2018 by Carnadosa
Proceed As Usual
Summary: After Laurence is thrust into his new role as an aviator he wonders if sudden-onset telepathy is a typical part of the captain-dragon bond. He tries to find out without asking, and Temeraire is largely unhelpful.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Temeraire  Character:William_Laurence  Character:Temeraire  Story_Length:Short  SD:Secret_Revealed 
april 2018 by Carnadosa

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