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Introducing Cathy Wilkes | British Pavilion artist 2019 | Venice Biennale - YouTube
Cathy Wilkes has been selected to represent Great Britain at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.
sculpture  installation  art  BritishCouncil  video  YouTube  * 
3 days ago by pierredv
Artist Berndnaut Smilde makes clouds appear in unexpected places
With the air as his canvas, a Dutch artist applies water vapor, smoke, lighting—and conjures clouds in surprising settings.
emphemeral  sculpture 
12 days ago by alexmel
Abigail Goldman spends her work days as an investigator for a public defender’s office in Washington state, helping people who are seriously in trouble—which can mean hours of staring at grisly pictures of crime scenes, visiting morgues, even observing autopsies. By night, she dreams up gruesome events, which she then turns into tiny, precise dioramas. Rife with scenes of imminent death and brutal dismemberment, the fruits of Goldman’s painstaking labor would be adorable ... if they weren’t so disturbing.
video  documentary  diorama  sculpture  crime 
14 days ago by terry
The 'gravity-defying' art that washes away - BBC News
Pebbles and driftwood are the building blocks for Sam Bennett's amazing sculptures.
art  nature  sculpture  beach  pebbles  stones 
16 days ago by iaeon
Paper Mache Clay | Ultimate Paper Mache
Why I Created Paper Mache Clay:
Ten years ago I became frustrated with traditional paper strips and paste. It took too much time to add all those layers of paper mache, and it was messy.

But I wanted to sculpt, and paper mache was the only affordable option.

That’s why I created this original (and still my favorite) recipe for paper mache clay.

It’s affordable.

It uses common ingredients that you can find at your local DIY store or Walmart.

And anyone can use it to create beautiful sculptures that we can be proud of. This is not the kind of paper mache you made back in grade school!
art  sculpture  cool  paper  diy 
17 days ago by craniac
John Edgar (sculptor) - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia biography of the New Zealand sculptor John Edgar
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  NewZealand  sculpture 
19 days ago by pigsonthewing
We the Builders: Let's build big sculptures from small parts!
You 3D print, document, and ship. We assemble. Together we build crowdsourced sculptures! We the Builders began at the ArtBytes Hackathon at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore in 2014. Our team, with the help of Direct Dimensions, 3D scanned a bust of George Washington and sliced the digital image into hundreds of sections. We developed a nifty platform where anyone with a 3D printer can claim a part to print on their own, then log and ship us their piece.

Since then, We the Builders has created several large community-built sculptures in the likeness of some of our nation's historical icons: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allen Poe (sculpted by Ryan Kittleson), and Rosie the Riveter (sculpted by Jen Schachter). In 2018 we built a giant monument of Rosie printed by over 700 people from around the world. With help from Adam Savage (, Mythbusters) and dozens of volunteers from Nation of Makers, we assembled all 2,625 parts into a staggering 6-foot tall sculpture.
crowdfunding  art  sculpture  socialmedia  socialnetworking 
20 days ago by cyberchucktx

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