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stutrek/scrollMonitor: A simple and fast API to monitor elements as you scroll
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
animation  js  javascript  scroll  scrolling  github  library 
2 days ago by jppferguson
Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.
javascript  mobile  scroll  fadein 
11 days ago by xcession
Film flashback: ‘Bhumika’ is one of the best Indian biopics about the messy life of a movie star
Shyam Benegal’s 1977 movie, featuring a terrific performance by Smita Patil, is based on the life of Hansa Wadkar.Unlike Mahanati or Sanju, Benegal’s hinges on choice, control, and the assumption of responsibility for one’s actions. Usha’s biggest struggle is with her conflicted self, and in this classic woman’s question movie, the search comes at an immense price, paid entirely by its heroine.
Scroll  movies 
13 days ago by thomas.kochi
Photos: Why are some Kerala churches shaped like stars, ships and castles?
Vividly-coloured and shaped like stars, ships and castles, several churches in Kerala appear to defy one of the basic tenets of architecture as set by the influential American architect Louis Sullivan – “form follows function”.German photographers Stefanie Zoche and Sabine Haubitz noticed these structures during their trips to India when they were documenting the slow extinction of single-screen cinema halls. They immediately knew what their next photo project would be – churches built in post-colonial India.After independence, many in the newborn nation were determined to find a unique architectural language and break away from the styles of the colonisers. The Church of Malabar Syrian Catholics in Kerala built its churches to reflect this desire.“In churches today, you see a simple structure and big halls for weddings and meetings and sometimes there are towers built around or incorporated into the structure of the church, but unlike the Gothic style, these are merely decorative and don’t serve any functional purpose.”..the facades of these buildings are like faces of people. “If you look at them carefully, you can find out a lot of what is lying behind, about the society and the intentions of those who made these buildings,”
Scroll  photo-essays  architecture  Christian  churches 
14 days ago by thomas.kochi
UITableView Infinite Scrolling Tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn how to implement an Infinite Scrolling UITableView in your iOS app using a paginated REST API.
scroll  tableview 
15 days ago by phatblat

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