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github/scripts-to-rule-them-all: Scripts to Rule Them All
Scripts GitHub uses for general purpose repeatable software development steps.
ci  coding  git  scripts 
3 days ago by scottnelsonsmith
List of anime by date or source and script to pull from MAL
scripts  lists  anime  myanimelist  github 
4 days ago by ToasterFaerie
Add-Ons and Templates - Teacher Tech
Collection of add ons and scripts for Google Sheets
scripts  addons  googlesheets  alicekeeler 
7 days ago by amann
Switch font color for different backgrounds with CSS (CSS-Tricks)
Facundo Corradini показывает способ задавать цвет текста в элементе управления в зависимости от фона средствами CSS. Это упрощает описание компонентов в дизайн-системах.
design  color  CSS  coding  scripts  design+systems  issue 
9 days ago by jvetrau
A tiny service worker script to change image quality dependant on connection type (2G, 3G, etc)
pwas  progressivewebapps  serviceworkers  optimization  performance  scripts  javascript  webdev 
11 days ago by angusm

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