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Bash basics and Quirks
Very good reminder of Bash's basics and its quirks, from Julia Evans.
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yesterday by devilgate
SSL Tools — Manage SSL Certificate Security in No-Time
Today, SSL Certificate has become a crucial need for every website (small/medium/large organization) as we talk about the web security. The study shows, in past Five-years the use of SSL is increased…

#ssl #security #encryption #https

Today, SSL Certificate has become a crucial need for every website (small/medium/large organization) as we talk about the web security. The study shows, in past Five-years the use of SSL is increased…

#ssl #security #encryption #https

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2 days ago by michaelfox Server Side Includes
Server Side Includes (SSI) is a simple interpreted server-side scripting language used almost exclusively for the Web.
webdev  html  server  scripting  wiki 
3 days ago by mikael
Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON.
csv  cli  scripting 
6 days ago by alanpearce
pipeline is a tool to help with quick iteration on complex shell pipelines.
shell  cli  scripting 
6 days ago by alanpearce
tomerfiliba/plumbum: Plumbum: Shell Combinators
Ever wished the compactness of shell scripts be put into a real programming language? Say hello to Plumbum Shell Combinators. Plumbum (Latin for lead, which was used to create pipes back in the day) is a small yet feature-rich library for shell script-like programs in Python.
python  scripting  cli  shell 
6 days ago by alanpearce
Bash script to backup and cycle tar archives
tarsnap  scripting  backup 
6 days ago by alanpearce
Full web stack
No browser required

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.
browser  javascript  testing  scripting  automation 
6 days ago by escapist
Home · dtinth/JXA-Cookbook Wiki
Tips for JavaScript for Automation (“JXA”) support in OS X.
programming  macOS  JavaScript  scripting  resource 
7 days ago by elliottcable
Web page (HTML) to Excel in seconds. No more Parsing code.
Extract List-like texts and images with CSS path. No more Parsing code. Convert HTML to Excel. Algorithm-based Web data extractor. We find the list of contents with CSS selector pattern, and arrange in columns.
css  html  data  scripting  scraper  excel  csv  parser  server  tools 
7 days ago by michaelfox

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