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Writing custom tools with Swift ·
Creating tools is a lot of fun and isn't as scary as it might seem at first. We've done networking, data parsing and some data munging all in one file with not too much effort, which is very rewarding.

The single file approach is probably best for shorter tasks. In the example above it's already becoming unwieldy and it would be worth considering moving to a Swift Package Manager tool (maybe that's a future post).
shell  scripting  swift 
yesterday by ruairi
Bash scripting cheatsheet
Variables · Functions · Interpolation · Brace expansions · Loops · Conditional execution · Command substitution · One-page guide to Bash scripting
shell  cheatsheet  bash  cli  cheatsheets  programming  scripting  linux  reference 
2 days ago by jonrandy
mxcl/swift-sh: Easily import third-party dependencies in your Swift scripts
Sadly, to use third-party dependencies we have to migrate our script to a swift package and use swift build, a relatively heavy solution when all we wanted was to whip up a quick script. swift-sh gives us the best of both worlds.
swiftlang  scripting  tool  is:repo 
2 days ago by cdzombak
swift-sh - NSHipster
On Friday, Max Howell announced a new project called swift-sh. The project provides a shim around the Swift compiler that creates a package for your script and uses it to automatically add and manage external dependencies imported with a special trailing comment.

Although in its initial stages of development, it’s already seemingly managed to solve the biggest obstacle to Swift from becoming a productive scripting language.

This week, let’s take a very early look at this promising new library and learn how to start using it today to write Swift scripts.
scripting  swiftlang  swift-sh 
2 days ago by cdzombak
How can I open a file in VIM in readonly mode if it already has a swapfile? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Q: When I use the command :e filename to open a file and this file is already opened by another vim instance, I get a prompt asking me if I want to open the file in read-only mode, edit anyway, recover, exit or abort. [...]
2013  forumthread  stackexchange  vim  scripting  issue  workaround  tips  links  example 
3 days ago by ezequiel

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