Prime Contact
The TARDIS's first landing on the starship Enterprise, just in time for a portentous first contact. (Spoilers for both franchises c. 1964).
Paul.Gadzikowski  fanfiction  crossover  startrek  dr.who  ian.chesterton  barbara.wright  susan.foreman  captain.pike  spock  scotty_montgomery.scott  number.one_majelbarrett  yeoman.colt  klingons  firstcontact 
february 2010 by Sophonisba

related tags  barbara.wright  captain.pike  crossover  dr.who  fanfiction  firstcontact  ian.chesterton  klingons  number.one_majelbarrett  paul.gadzikowski  scotty_montgomery.scott  spock  startrek  susan.foreman  yeoman.colt 

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