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An interesting alternative to ScreenFlow
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6 days ago by nelstrom
Free Screen & Video Recording Software
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8 weeks ago by redconfetti
Website for screencasting software
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12 weeks ago by deejbah
(2) How to Ripple Delete in Screenflow 7 - YouTube
(If you should ever need to cut a bit out of a video without creating a gap, you need a ripple delete:)
“Quick Tip: Ripple Delete In Screenflow

“Ripple Delete is used in all non-linear video editing software (NLE’s) as a productivity and timesaving technique for editing workflow.

“If you select a group of clips and press delete, there will be an empty space in the timeline.

“Ripple Delete allows you to delete the clips but fill in the empty gap by automatically sliding everything from the right over to the left.

“To Ripple Delete in Screenflow: Press the Shift Key and tap the top of the Red Playhead.

“Drag a selection over the area you want to delete and a blue highlight will indicate your selection

“Press Command + Delete on a Mac and in the selection will delete while bring the entire timeline to the right over to the left to fill the gap.”
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may 2018 by handcoding
Capture video and audio in “bite-sized” chunks from @trevordmiller on @eggheadio
super helpful example of recording a video in tiny chunks, pausing every few seconds
may 2018 by dceddia
Boinx Software - Mousepose
via @roelvangils: “I use Mouseposé exactly for that. I also use it for displaying screenreader shortcuts (it shows all modifier keys you press). It's an old app, but still works perfectly fine on macOS High Sierra.”
mac  osx  software  2018  keyboard  shortcuts  screencasting 
may 2018 by handcoding

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