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7 Things You Should Know About Screencasting | EDUCAUSE
A screencast is a video recording of the actions on a user's computer screen, typically with accompanying audio, distributed through RSS.
14 days ago by wtagg
Screencasting to Engage Learning | EDUCAUSE
Screencasts can provide learners a student-centered and engaging learning experience in both distance and traditional learning settings.
14 days ago by wtagg
Examining the anatomy of a screencast: Uncovering common elements and instructional strategies | Sugar | The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning
Among other things, this research provides a description of the five most common instructional strategies used in the screencasts that were reviewed:

1. provide overview
2. describe procedure
3. present concept
4. focus attention
5. elaborate content
screencasting  direct-instruction 
21 days ago by wtagg
How to use the Kaltura Player Studio's Additional Parameters and Plugins (UIVars, flashvars) | Knowledge Center
To simplify the management of many of the player features, Kaltura has implemented the “UIVars” to override and configure player features. Kaltura UIVars are an incredibly powerful feature of the Kaltura Players which allows publishers to pre-set or override the value of any FlasVar (object level parameters), show, hide and disable existing UI element, add new plugins and UI elements to an existing player and modify attributes of all the player elements. This guide will take you through using th...
kaltura  video  screencasting 
21 days ago by wtagg
Ways to use a screencast application in your teaching - Screencast-o-matic
I have been using screencasting in my teaching for decades now. A screencast is a video you take of your screen. Usually, audio is included in screencasts. Some ways to use a screencast application in higher ed teaching.
21 days ago by wtagg
An interesting alternative to ScreenFlow
screencasting  haskell  editor  opensource 
9 weeks ago by nelstrom

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