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TSItouch, manufacturer of touch screens, bezels, monitors and protective overlays - Touch screen and Video Wall Solutions | TSItouch LLC
TSItouch is a US-based manufacturer of custom touch screens, protective overlays, and video wall solutions for commercial grade displays.
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yesterday by ashwath22
LG V30 review: groundbreaking phone with a deal-breaking flaw - The Verge
ike its predecessors, the LG V30 is a phone designed to appeal to spec lovers first, though with its pretty aesthetic and great ergonomics it could have stood a chance of attracting a more mainstream audience as well. But the story of LG smartphones has always been a matter of “could have” and “should have.” It’s not that LG phones aren’t improving every year — they are, and they continue to offer cutting-edge spec sheets with each new iteration — but the improvements the company is making seem to always be accompanied by self-inflicted wounds. The LG G5 was a nice step up in design over the G4, but LG hamstrung it with a poorly conceived and quickly aborted modular accessory system. The G6 got better again, but it too lacked the final polishing touch to outshine Samsung’s more accomplished designs.

The V30 arrives half a year after the G6 and, at first blush, appears to rectify everything that ailed LG’s devices of the past. But LG rushed to put an imperfect OLED screen in its flagship phone, preferring to have the highlight spec over the superior user experience, and I can’t condone either the choice or the eventual product. This is a phone that has given me goosebumps with the astonishing quality of its headphone audio, and if I was reviewing it on the strength of music playback alone, I would say it’s one of the best media players on the market. But this is supposed to be a smartphone. And as a smartphone, the LG V30 fails to validate its high price and flagship status.
LGV30  review  screen  OLED  smartphone  Android 
3 days ago by dominomaster
In Unix, what is screen, and how do I use it?
The screen program allows you to use multiple windows (virtual VT100 terminals) in Unix.
unix  command  linux  process  screen 
4 days ago by nabbist

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