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Etsitkö helppoa tapaa visuaaliseen ohjelmointiin? Tutustu oppimismateriaaleihimme , äärimmäisen suosittu ki…
scratch  from twitter
5 days ago by teromakotero
Code rant: Visual Programming - Why it’s a Bad Idea
Interesting arguments, good comments about scratch really being a textual language, visual programming environments like unreal doing well and of course pd.
visualprogramming  dataflow  scratch  programming 
13 days ago by vanevery
randon number picker na Scratchu
randon number picker on Scratch by Hastklass
scratch  seznam  naključna  števila  append 
20 days ago by kradovan
GitHub - AllAboutCode/EduBlocks: Making the transition from Scratch to Python easier. Now available for Raspberry Pi & micro:bit!
Making the transition from Scratch to Python easier. Now available for Raspberry Pi & micro:bit! - AllAboutCode/EduBlocks
python  block  scratch  generator  editor  visual  opensource  floss 
6 weeks ago by gilberto5757

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