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Hassle-free web scraping. Over 9600 free public scrapers, or write your own in Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl or Node. Push to the cloud and then set and forget.
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may 2019 by lambrechts
Could selling off Britain’s assets cut the debt? – Channel 4 News
Sad to see this @c4news/@C4Dispatches/@ScraperWiki article from only 6 years ago is already broken
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april 2017 by paulbradshaw
Excel Output Transformation : Source code
1. databaker
The main code specific to EOT. Implements the bake command, and the structure of recipes. Includes ONS specific parts, such as the output format. Affero GPL license.

2. xypath
Library for navigating around a grid of cells like XPath for spreadsheets. Contains all the selectors used in recipes. BSD-style license.

3. messytables
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june 2015 by thadk
Databaker – making spreadsheets machine-readable | ScraperWiki
not grokked this at all yet, but looks worth exploring: library for working w/ excel s/sheets
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april 2015 by psychemedia
The ScraperWiki platform continues without Twitter data.
The story of getting Twitter data and its “missing middle” | ScraperWiki
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september 2014 by winnydejong
Interesting - #quickscrape config driven fact scraper/screenscraper #ddj [ @paulbradshaw ]
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august 2014 by psychemedia

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