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In Britain, Enraptured by the Wild, Lonely and Remote - The New York Times
Rustic shelters called bothies — more than 100 of which are scattered throughout England, Wales and Scotland — are an indispensable, if little-known, element of British hill culture.
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Stephen Hiltner’s Bothy Map, for The New York Times - Google My Maps
The locations for all 20 of the bothies I visited for my New York Times article, “In Britain, Enraptured by the Wild, Lonely and Remote.”
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This article was original published in two parts in the ANESFHS journal.
Mitchell, Stuart. (1998) 'Hidden Families: Aliases and Patronymics in Upper Banffshire', 2 parts, Journal of the Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society, 66 (Feb 1998), pp. 23- 26; 66 (May 1998), pp. 31-33.
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