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Assigning a Value to Teamwork - Scientific American Blog Network
On this episode of our podcast My Favorite Theorem, my cohost Kevin Knudson and had the pleasure of talking with Anil Venkatesh, a mathematician at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. In addition to his work in math, he is a musician and game developer. You can listen to the episode here or at, where there is also a transcript.
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9 weeks ago by Vaguery
IMSLP - International Music Score Library Project
We at the IMSLP believe that music should be something that is easily accessible for everyone. To this end, we have created the IMSLP in order to provide music scores free of charge to anyone who has internet access. IMSLP will always be freely accessible.

The ultimate goal of the IMSLP is to gather all public domain music scores, in addition to the music scores of all contemporary composers (or their estates) who wish to release them to the public free of charge. However, another main goal of IMSLP is to facilitate the exchange of musical ideas outside of compositions: for example, the analysis of a particular piece of music. Therefore, feel free to create/edit a page with your analysis of a particular piece (please use the "Discussion" link on the work page of that particular piece). For general discussions, and IMSLP-related questions, score requests, etc. you can use the forums. We hope to build a growing community of dedicated musicians and music lovers, who can use this site as a platform for enjoying music.
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january 2019 by friede

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