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Just Ride — Real Life
> The distinctly normie feel of standing on an electric scooter may be the keystone that unites the American mainstream with the activists struggling for a less car-centric city. The anarcho-cyclist, the Provo, wants to remake the city in the image of the bike, sweat and all. The resulting society, they imagine, is more just, more ecologically sustainable, but less comfortable. It’s a particular kind of leftist asceticism that has little chance of becoming a mass movement, but can be a valuable ally in a burgeoning coalition against the car. When it comes to democratizing the street for all sorts of transportation, the hardcore cyclist and the e-scooter commuter will have very similar demands.
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Scooters littering US city streets shout at people: 'Unlock me or I'll call the police' | Technology | The Guardian

“This is not only an annoying noise, this is a threat to people. For black people, that can really be experienced as a death threat,” said Kaplan, who is crafting legislation to regulate the scooters and now plans to add a proposal to prohibit loud noises and threats.

This is the logical outcome of police in capitalism.
Police protect property, not people.

On Wednesday night, a Lime spokesman, Jack Song, said the company had “updated” its “anti-theft alarm” in a new model, which no longer has any message. The company was gradually phasing out the old versions, he said. The scooters, Song added, had not alerted police, but Lime had “worked with law enforcement on incidents of vandalism”.
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Nashville scooters violate civil rights even while parked
As citizens and lawmakers of Nashville consider how the laws governing electric scooters should change, we want to highlight an issue that must be part of this conversation: what happens to the scooters when they are not being ridden? Scooters are very often left in public places that block accessibility for people who cannot simply step over or around the scooters as they make their way through the city.
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