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Dramatic Arts [scioscribe]
“It was, quite literally, the simplest task I could think to assign you,” M said. “It was down to this or you straightening the pictures in the hallway and, as there’s a large number of pictures, ‘write a falsified mission report’ seemed easier.” ... M held up the file Bond had dutifully turned in the day before. “This, 007, was meant to be a page or two of incorrect intelligence we could feed to any suspected moles. You could have double-spaced it if you’d liked. You gave me twenty-seven pages. Twenty-seven annotated, coffee-stained pages, with laborious corrections in red ink. You bought a special pen to make this more difficult.”
007  bond/q  PG  scioscribe  slash  humor  meta  * 
january 2019 by pouncer
the sheer lack of professionalism - scioscribe - Skyfall (2012) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Q gets kidnapped, and uses his second phone to live-text the whole experience to Eve.
skyfall  bond/q  scioscribe 
june 2018 by marcicat
Home (and Country) - scioscribe - Skyfall (2012) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
The one where all the double 00s start hanging around Eve and Q's flat.
skyfall  eve/q  scioscribe 
june 2018 by marcicat
Dramatic Arts - scioscribe - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The one where 'Spectre' was a fake mission report that Bond embellished (a lot), and Q really wants a flight simulator.
skyfall  spectre  bond/q  scioscribe 
june 2018 by marcicat
the real banishment is the family we made along the way
AU where Loki is banished to Hela's prison. They kill each other, talk, and bond
Hela did not ask for company in her sealed-up world, but evidently Odin is economical in containment strategies for his misbegotten children.
scioscribe  thor  canondivergence  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
december 2017 by isweedan
Introduction to Federal Investigation - scioscribe
The ATF has questions about how some explosions on Greendale's campus tie into the local rumors of a cult led by Troy Barnes. The study group has answers.

Sort of. [14,938 words]
community  troy/abed  scioscribe  investigation  interview  cult  via:cunningplan 
august 2017 by yarngeek
Introduction to Federal Investigation - scioscribe
The ATF has questions about how some explosions on Greendale's campus tie into the local rumors of a cult led by Troy Barnes. The study group has answers.

Sort of. [14,938 words]
community  troy/abed  scioscribe  investigation  interview  cult 
august 2017 by cunningplan
scioscribe - it doesn't take you away from yourself
Q thinks he can't imagine anything worse than three days at a conference with James Bond as his bodyguard. Bond thinks that's showing a lack of imagination. He may be right.
jamesbond  scioscribe  episodetag  pining  hijinksensue  wc:5000-10000  saveme 
march 2017 by silentfire
scioscribe - gadget, trinket, doodad, device
If Bond wants a shoehorn that can also pick locks, it's Q's job to give it to him. (Well, actually it's not, but for some reason he keeps getting talked into it anyway. Also, he's been making a genuinely excessive number of things that explode.)  jamesbond  scioscribe  wooing  pining  wc:1000-5000  saveme 
february 2017 by silentfire
The War of the Worlds and All That
Bertie rescues a newt and forestalls the end of the world (via aliens)

I relayed the information I’d so masterfully committed to memory in my youth, re: the prophet Elijah being taken up to heaven while still alive and in full possession of his faculties. I’d won a prize for Scripture-knowledge and so had details of this sort at my fingertips.

“Although,” I said, as we neared what I took to be the stratosphere, or some kind of sphere at any rate, “just now my resemblance to the prophet Elijah escapes me.”
jeevesandwooster  jeeves/wooster  length:medium.5k-10k  scioscribe  yuletide  from twitter
december 2016 by isweedan
Dramatic Arts - scioscribe - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"In which Spectre is actually Bond's poorly written attempt at falsifying a mission report. Q wants a flight simulator, Eve wants more lines, and M wants a drink. Everybody's a critic."

[note: read it at work, laughed a lot!]
spectre  au  humor  bond/q  scioscribe 
december 2015 by marcicat
Home (and Country) - scioscribe
“Oh, that,” M said, when Eve mentioned to him that every active MI6 agent seemed to have worked out a time-share arrangement for her house. “They do that." [1,691 words]
skyfall  q/moneypenny  gen  scioscribe  domestic  friendship 
november 2015 by cunningplan
27 July 1967 - scioscribe - Jeeves
In my mind, in my heart, Jeeves, we’re always young, we’re always somewhere green, with dappled shadows of leaves, and never any war;
jeeves&wooster  bertie/jeeves  scioscribe 
december 2014 by julia_pendleton
a pox on all your machines - scioscribe
“You’re an expert at the challenging, though. I have handled—personally, mind you—three double-O agents, and not one of them has been the exasperation that you so continuously prove. You don’t think. Someone who doesn’t think doesn’t deserve hot water.”

Or, the one where Q controls the universe with technology and Bond is trying to avoid complications (like falling for the voice in his head). [3,508 words]
skyfall  bond/q  scioscribe  protectiveness 
october 2013 by cunningplan
Embracing the B - scioscribe - Community (Britta/f!Jeff, 3.3k, teen)
The advantage of Jell-O shots and Gay/Straight Alliance booths, the benefits of communities, the probability of messiness, the importance of mouthwash, and the emotional significance of acronyms, or, five times Jess Winger kissed Britta Perry.
fic  to-read  genderswap  community  britta_jeff  femmeslash  the-girl-factor  one-shot  scioscribe 
august 2013 by blindmouse
I Want You to Feel Familiar - scioscribe
“I know who you are,” Cecil said, finally looking at him. His pupils were still just pinpricks from the force of the light. “Carlos.” He rubbed his temples. “The power,” he said, “was out for a really long time. Citizens with power outages, especially during times of rolling blackouts, may experience a temporary sense of identity dislocation.”

(Well, Carlos is going to fix that.)
nightvale  carlos/cecil  scioscribe 
august 2013 by julia_pendleton

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