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One of my favorite public figures! Great educator and theoretical physicist. His lectures series are second to none. Highly recommend his semi-autobiographical books
5 weeks ago by cldwalker
The "True" Human Diet - Scientific American Blog Network
Points out that the idea that paleolithic man didn't eat grains is a myth and that there was no "paleolithic diet"
paleo  diet  evolution  scientist  debunk  pointofview  q2  2017  myth  primal 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
Data Scientist Job in Sydney - SEEK
At least 5 years' commerical experience with SQL, SAS, R, Python.
Experience in developing algorithms to drive commercial outcomes
Bachelor’s degree preferably in Statistics, Data Science, Mathematics, Computer Science
Good communication skills in order to deal with various stakeholders
A visa with full working rights in Australia is required
Please APPLY NOW with a Word version of your resume.
data  scientist 
january 2019 by nigeljames

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