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Massive Attack are releasing their album Mezzanine in a new format: DNA | WIRED UK
For Mezzanine's 20th anniversary, the band have encoded the album in strands of synthetic DNA. One spray can contains around one million copies
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7 weeks ago by dk33per
A Curious Person's Guide to the EPA and U.S. Environmental Law - The Atlantic
RT : This is a superb primer to how the EPA actually works. Well, used to work. Is meant to work.
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april 2017 by acdha
Computer independently solves 120-year-old biological mystery (Wired UK)
RT : For the first time ever, a computer has developed a scientific theory all on its own. from
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june 2015 by miaridge
MedCity News - Healthcare technology news, life science current eventsMedCity News
MedCityNews is the leading online news source for the business of innovation in healthcare. We offer insight into what’s next and what matters with a mix of breaking news and analysis on startups and established industry leaders, personalities, policies and the most important deals.
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may 2015 by scitrenb
Tech Xplore - Technology and Engineering news
Tech Xplore covers the latest engineering, electronics and technology advances.
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may 2015 by scitrenb - News and Articles on Science and Technology internet news portal provides the latest news on science.
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may 2015 by scitrenb
Medical Xpress
Medical Xpress covers all medical research advances and health news.
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may 2015 by scitrenb
Science X Network ::, Medical Xpress, Tech Xplore
Science X is a network of high-quality websites that provides the most complete and comprehensive daily coverage of science, technology, and medical news.
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november 2014 by scitrenb
Ars Technica
Ars Technica was founded in 1998 when Founder & Editor-in-Chief Ken Fisher announced his plans for starting a publication devoted to technology that would cater to what he called "alpha geeks": technologists and IT professionals. Ken's vision was to build a publication with a simple editorial mission: be "technically savvy, up-to-date, and more fun" than what was currently popular in the space. In the ensuing years, with formidable contributions by a unique editorial staff, Ars Technica became a trusted source for technology news, tech policy analysis, breakdowns of the latest scientific advancements, gadget reviews, software, hardware, and nearly everything else found in between layers of silicon.
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september 2014 by scitrenb

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