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Donny the Drone
The world’s first sentient machine goes on stage to accept a prestigious “Person of the Year” award as an auditorium of humans are confronted with his emotional and controversial story.

Donny the Drone (voiced by Guy Pearce) has just been named the “Person of the Year” by World Times magazine. Donny takes the stage to dramatically tell his story of how he came to have real human emotions. His anecdotes are portrayed with highlights from his world-spanning adventures that have shaped who he has become. As the ceremony goes on, Donny’s vision becomes grander, more ambitious and potentially concerning. Will Donny be able to freely pursue his dream of helping all over the world—or will mankind’s darker, paranoid instincts intervene before Donny achieves ultimate, worldwide control.
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13 hours ago by josephaleo
Incredible Cross-Sections | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia
The Incredible Cross Sections are books released by DK Publishing that break down various vehicles into their individual parts and provide some background information on them.
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19 hours ago by dk33per
Why So Many Men Hate the Last Jedi But Can’t Agree on Why
SPOILERS: "I don’t think every human who disliked The Last Jedi is an evil, evil misogynist. I do think that we have so deeply internalized sexist narrative tropes that we see them as 'correct' and 'good filmmaking' while seeing their absence as 'flaws.'"
culture  feminism  starwars  sf  scifi  sciencefiction  film  thelastjedi  spoilers 
8 days ago by djwudi
My Hero, Luke Skywalker
SPOILERS: “It is a beautiful fantasy and, I thought, a particularly resonant message for the anxious and depressed about what you can be capable of, the kind of peace you may be able to find if you dig down deep enough and push yourself emotionally.”
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16 days ago by djwudi
RT : If you can recommend short (<5k) stories that address ethical quandaries in computer science, and t…
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16 days ago by acdha
[RDV 16h !] Grand entretien avec dans ! Le parcours d'un écrivain de
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18 days ago by ljegou
This is not going to go the way you think: The Last Jedi and the necessary disappointment of epilogues
SPOILERS: “Happy endings are always undone because ‘endings’ don’t really exist. Time doesn’t stop when you want it to. Your ‘destiny’ can and will be slowly eroded away by the many small, cumulative abrasions of life that inevitably follow after you achieve it. This is real, and it’s disillusioning, and it can fill you with righteous anger at the unjustness of it all.”
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19 days ago by djwudi
Star Wars’ Vice-Admiral Holdo and Our Expectations for Female Military Power
SPOILERS: “What The Last Jedi does—amongst many other things—is present its audience with more than one mode of female power.”
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20 days ago by djwudi
The Last Jedi Is Subversive AF, and I Am Here for It
SPOILERS: “Those who wanted a safe and comforting Star Wars movie are understandably upset. The Last Jedi is anything but safe. It’s as subversive as it gets, and I am here for it.”
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21 days ago by djwudi

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