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Riddley Walker Annotations
This is a collaborative project devoted to analysis of Russell Hoban's very good 1980 novel Riddley Walker. If your first thought is "what's that?", click here. Otherwise, see below.
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12 days ago by w1nt3rmut3
The Worst of All Possible Universes and the Best of All Possible Earths: Three Body and Chinese Science Fiction |
Liu Cixin discusses writing his "Remembrance of Earth's Past" trilogy in the context of Chinese science fiction and its audience.

"I wrote about the worst of all possible universes in 'Three Body' out of hope that we can strive for the best of all possible Earths."
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13 days ago by JJLDickinson
Science Fiction
A discussion, question and answer, and reference resource for fantasy and SF.
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14 days ago by Puddingstone
Spacebattles Forums
A popular forum that celebrates sci-fi as well as general geek culture.
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18 days ago by LordSnow
Born Sexy Yesterday - YouTube
Pop Culture Detective Jonathan McIntosh

The Fifth Element
My Stepmother Is an Alien
Forbidden Planet
Woody Allen movies
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19 days ago by campylobacter
At Least One Star Will Have a Very Close Encounter With Our Sun
The Sun is good. Without our hot, gas ball of a friend, we’d all be dead. More accurately, we would have never been born! So it’s a good thing that our Sun has escaped some very close encounters with other stars throughout its lifetime. But the danger isn’t over yet.
astronomy  scienceFiction  storyResearch  worldbuilding 
23 days ago by basemaly

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