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Inside the fight over the sugar conspiracy - The Verge
‘To boil it all down to the sugar industry, in our view, it doesn’t capture the whole picture’
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Classroom Feb 6 - CTLO-Physics-Mathematics Colloquium
Taking a scientific approach to science and engineering education
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The uncanny mountain: p-values between .01 and .10 are still a problem – The 100% CI
Study 1: In line with our hypothesis, … p = .03.

Study 2: As expected, … p = .02.

Study 3: Replicating Study 2, … p = .06.

Study 4: …qualified by the predicted interaction, … p = .01.

Study 5: Again, … p = .01.

Welcome to the uncanny[1] p-mountains, one of the most scenic accumulations of p-values between .01 and .10 in the world! Over the course of the last years, many psychologists have learned that such a distribution of p-values is troubling (see e.g. blog posts by Simine Vazire and Daniël Lakens) and statistical tools have been developed to analyze what these distributions can tell us about the underlying evidence (Uli Schimmack’s TIVA,  p-curve by Simonsohn, Nelson and Simmons p-curve)—as it turns out, quite frequently, the answer is not good news.
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