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Znanstveni blog: Vrtec na razstavi o fuzijski energiji
Oblikovalci evropske potujoče razstave o razvoju fuzijskih elektrarn med ciljno publiko najbrž niso predvideli predšolskih malčkov. Tudi vodniki po razstavi v Ljubljani, večinoma doktorski študenti z Instituta Jožef Stefan in ljubljanske univerze, so bili nemalo presenečeni, ko je nekaj dni po odprtju razstave v galerijo vstopila četica malčkov. Vzgojiteljice so jih razporedile v manjše skupine, ki so se razpršile med razstavnimi eksponati. Nekaj jih je obkrožilo interaktivni model fuzijskega reaktorja ITER, drugi so obstopili maketo fuzijske elektrarne, največ radovednih pogledov pa sta pritegnili plazemska krogla in obročasta cev s plazmo. Vodniki so se medtem spogledovali: kdo bo razlagal? Kaj naj jim povemo?

Otroci so v hipu padli v zgodbo o novem viru električne energije: s pritiskom na gumbe so prižigali »plazmo« v interaktivni maketi reaktorja ITER in čisto nič jih ni motilo, da so za plazmo slišali prvič. Saj so tudi za elektriko, strelo, impresioniste in Sonetni venec prvič slišali šele pred kratkim. Lučke so nakazovale smer toka toplote v maketi elektrarne, voda je navidezno pognala turbine in na koncu majčkenih daljnovodov so se v hišah prižgale lučke. Vse jasno!
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yesterday by sspela
Americans Divided on Whether Recent Science Protests Will Benefit Scientists’ Causes | Pew Research Center
"More Democrats and younger adults believe the science marches in April will lead to public support for science; Republicans and older adults tend to disagree"
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yesterday by tsuomela
Metabolic effects of smoking cessation
smoking & weight -- it's not simply "overeating"
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yesterday by moose
Exploiting crowdsourced geographic information and GIS for assessment of air pollution exposure during active travel
In this study, to explore the potential of crowdsourced geographic information in research of active travel and health, we used Strava Metro data and GIS technologies to assess air pollution exposure in Glasgow, UK. Particularly, we incorporated time of the trip to assess average inhaled dose of pollutant during a single cycling or pedestrian trip. Empirical results demonstrate that Strava Metro data provides an opportunity to an assessment of average air pollution exposure during active travel. Additionally, to demonstrate the potential of Strava Metro data in policy-making, we explored the spatial association of air pollution concentration and active travel.
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yesterday by juliusbeezer
Cats are an extreme outlier among domestic animals | Ars Technica
Yet it's impossible to deny that cats are tame. We know that humans have lived with cats for at least 10,000 years—there's a 9,500-year-old grave in Cyprus with a cat buried alongside its human, and ancient Egyptian art has a popular motif showing house cats eating fish under chairs. Today, cats still share our homes and food, and for thousands of years they have worked alongside farmers and sailors to eradicate vermin. If we haven't domesticated cats, what exactly have we done to them?
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yesterday by philjr
The world is a big place. Well, not really. Watch this -
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yesterday by rdr
What I learned from my biggest mistake as an F1 engineer | Andrew Latham | Pulse | LinkedIn
From auto racing: if you mess things up, pay attention. You are outside the normal operating parameters, and you MIGHT discover an advantage there, which you can later exploit more safely.
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