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Mysterious IceCube event may be caused by a tau neutrino • Eureakalert
Ranjan Laha is a postdoc at the Mainz-based team working at the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence:
<p>It was just eight years ago that the IceCube detector, a research center located at the South Pole to detect neutrinos emanating from the cosmos, was commissioned. Three years later, it began to register the first momentous results. The detection of high-energy neutrinos by IceCube made viable completely new options for explaining how our universe works. "These neutrinos with their considerable energy are cosmic messengers we have never encountered before and it is extremely important that we understand exactly what they are telling us," explained Dr. Ranjan Laha of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). Working in collaboration with a colleague at Stanford University in the USA, the Mainz-based physicist has put forward a new hypothesis on what this interstellar message carrier might be. The two physicists have calculated that what has been detected could be the track of a high-energy tau particle that transited the IceCube detector.</p>

A tau neutrino - if that's what it has found - would have far higher energy than any neutrino previously observed, and means something important about the universe, though it doesn't quite enable dilithium crystals and photon torpedoes just yet. Noted in passing, rather like a neutrino in the night. (Also, "Cluster of Excellence" would be a good name for a band.)
Neutrino  science 
3 minutes ago by charlesarthur
4,000-year-old genomes point to origins of bubonic plague
These are the oldest examples yet of Y. pestis adapted for surviving in fleas.
science  health 
2 hours ago by jeffhammond
Sucking carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought
Estimated cost of geoengineering technology to fight climate change has plunged since a 2011 analysis.
science  environment  carbon  air 
3 hours ago by soobrosa
How Driscoll’s Reinvented the Strawberry (The New Yorker)
The story of how Driscoll's engineered the modern strawberry -- and how they're planning to do it again -- is a fascinating peek into food science and the aesthetics of consumer products.
interesting  -weekend-read  society  science  design 
12 hours ago by bw
Imaginary Numbers are Real
series of YouTube videos on imaginary numbers (each 3-14 min.)
science  math  movies  algebra  calculus 
18 hours ago by MsHsi
Seismic Waves | IRIS
watch seismic waves from major earthquakes go through the Earth
science  geology  earthquakes  applet 
18 hours ago by MsHsi

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