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Nine Last Days on Planet Earth |
When the seeds rained down from deep space, it may have been the first stage of an alien invasion—or something else entirely.
published:2018-09-19  author:daryl.gregory  fiction  science.fiction  short.stories  stories 
5 days ago by thedward
"Darmok" - Tenser, said the Tensor
[This is part of an ongoing occasional series about linguistics in science fiction. Fair warning: spoilers.] I've been meaning to write about the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Darmok" for years. In fact, I had it in mind when...
darmok  linguistics  analysis  star.trek  language  television  sttng  apologetics  science.fiction 
november 2019 by po
Uchronia: The Alternate History List
Uchronia: The Alternate History List is a bibliography of over
3400 novels, stories, essays and other printed material involving
the "what ifs" of history. The genre has a variety of names,
but it is best known as alternate history.

In an alternate history, one or more past events are changed and
the subsequent effects on history somehow described. This
description may comprise the entire plotline of a novel, or it
may just provide a brief background to a short story. Perhaps the
most common themes in alternate history are "What if the Nazis
won World War II?" and "What if the Confederacy won the
American Civil War?"

For more information about alternate history and this
bibliography, please read the [extended
alternate.history  books  bibliographies  speculative.fiction  science.fiction  fantasy.fiction 
june 2019 by thedward
Whoa After Whoa: The Best of Keanu Reeves
A guide to the greatest actor of his generation who we don’t take seriously enough
movies  science.fiction 
may 2019 by jimmykduong
Sci-fi clothing for the real world? - startrek starwars fashion | Ask MetaFilter
I am watching Star Trek: Discovery and: those are some fine-looking uniforms! Such a pretty blue, nice high collar, sparkly bits, unisex. I’ve been thinking how cool it would be if I could wear something kind of like a Star Fleet uniform? And yet, not look like I’m cosplaying, or in pajamas.

Also, lots of other fashion in sci-fi really looks cool.
For example, most Star Wars clothing: anything most everyone wears, unless it’s Leia’s bikini or anything on Queen Amidala.
Katniss’s knitted vest thing, anything else she wears casually that is not a dress. Mostly the men’s clothing in the old/new Blade Runner.

Can you point me to any brands/items that are reminiscent of any of these?
Men’s or women’s clothing OK. Preferably things that not too feminine and at least kind of feasible for everyday wear. No strong preferences on price, shipping, materials. I'm interested in buying something but also interested in window shopping to see what's out there.

Make it so! Earl Grey, hot! (I know, wrong one, but also right one, because TNG uniforms are nice too)(Except 1st season Counselor Troi)
askmefi  mefi  fashion  clothing  clothes  science.fiction  scifi  sci-fi 
march 2019 by thedward
apologetics | Sci-fi interfaces
Posts about apologetics written by Christopher Noessel
apologetics  podcasts  science.fiction  sf  design  research  blogs 
february 2019 by po
War of the Worlds: sci-fi that spawned fake news and a myth — Quartz
Eighty years ago, a radio theater show scared the living daylights out of listeners and became a cultural legend. Or did it?
science.fiction  fiction  hysteria  moral.panics  history  radio 
november 2018 by po

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