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War of the Worlds: sci-fi that spawned fake news and a myth — Quartz
Eighty years ago, a radio theater show scared the living daylights out of listeners and became a cultural legend. Or did it?
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"25 years ago SYFY joined one hell of a universe. In honor of our 25th anniversary, we’re looking back at the entire landscape of sci-fi, fantasy and horror — and we're not doing it alone. We've enlisted some of the genre's biggest creators, stars and fans to share their memories and the impact of the stories we all love."
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Peter Graham's Golden Age Aphorism (was Re: Golden Age of Science Fiction)
On Sun, 23 Apr 2006, David Langford wrote:

On 23 Apr 2006 06:49:28 -0700, "Bill Patterson" <WHPatterson@xxxxxxxxx>

I think Peter Graham is credited in Clute & Nichols, too -- but I need
to find the source. Could you put a date and publication on it.

I can't find a mention of Peter or Pete Graham in the SFE text. The GOLDEN
AGE OF SF entry begins "It has been said, cynically, that the Golden Age of
sf is 14." -- but ages 12 and 13 are also cited, without source.

Peter Graham originally wrote "The Golden Age of science fiction is twelve" in *Void* around 1957. [1]

Terry Carr quoted it a lot, and is probably responsible for making it famous.

David Hartwell put it in *Age of Wonders* in 1984, without attribution [2].

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, in editing the revised edition, persuaded Hartwell to attribute the quote to Peter Graham in 1996 [3].

Peter Nicholls quotes the line without attribution under "Golden Age of SF" in the encyclopedia he compiled with John Clute [4][5].

Gary Farber told me about this, in 1997. [6 and accompanying thread.]

Some people think the originator was Carr. Some think it was Hartwell. Some think it was Nicholls or Clute. It was really Peter Graham.

Any year now, we will see the line attributed to Mark Twain.
Or possibly Winston Churchill.

Funny enough I think I've seen it attributed to Heinlein and Asimov most recently.
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