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net.wars: We know where you should live
John Hancock doesn't mention it, but there are some obvious caveats about these figures. First of all, the program began in 2015. How does the company have data showing its users live so much longer? Doesn't that suggest that these users were living longer *before* they adopted the program? Which leads to the second point: the segment of the population that has wearable fitness trackers and smartphones tends to be more affluent (which tends to favor better health already) and more focused on their health to begin with (ditto). I can see why an insurance company would like me to "engage with" its program twice a day, but I can't see why I would want to. Insurance companies are not my *friends*.
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25 days ago by Vaguery
Interview with Stephen Case (Mysterion)
How much time would you estimate that you spend writing in an average week?

Never as much as I would like. When classes are in session, if I can get a solid 40 minutes of writing before the kids wake up and start getting ready for school, that has to be good enough. I can manage more on the weekends, so maybe an average week might be around eight hours. Double that for summers and breaks.
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Subterranean Press Phoresis eBook
ICYMI, my novella PHORESIS is available both in print and as an e-book worldwide.
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Morphosis: What is Doctor Who?
All this is a roundabout way of saying: I have some specific hopes for the new female Who. It certainly seems to me that many of the reactionaries who greeted the news of her casting with howls of outrage were only partly motivated by misogyny (though of course they were motivated by that); they were trying, with the hysterical volume of their complaining, to rally to the defence of class itself as a defining feature of British self-identity. It will be interesting to see how Whittaker and her scriptwriters take the character, and to what extent the role can be reconfigured to escape this particular straitjacket.
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7 weeks ago by Vaguery
Origins |
Origins is a collection of short stories featuring some of the main characters in the Slingshot trilogy, taking a look at their lives before they intersetcted with Kim's. -==- The stories are free to download and will be released in an episodic format, one chapter at a time
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