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Simon Stålenhag’s Tales From the Loop is being adapted by Amazon.
Stranger Things fans, rejoice. Last week, Amazon Studios issued a series order for a new domestic-dystopia drama from Legion writer Nathaniel Halpern. The show, called Tales From the Loop, is based on Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag’s award-winning artbook of the same name. Stålenhag’s digital paintings, which combine bucolic visions of rural Sweden with sci-fi elements, evoke a haunting familiarity. Against the comforting markers of 1980s suburbia glow the neon lights of a government-sanctioned particle accelerator that washes the surrounding area in alien technology and strange beasts.
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2 days ago by jchris
Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor - Slashdot
In a fight between you and William Gibson, who would win?
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5 weeks ago by mario.d
A Thanksgiving Week Gift for You: “Automated Customer Service” – Whatever
Merry Thanksgiving week! To show my appreciation for you, my readers, here’s a short story I wrote to read aloud while I was touring with The Consuming Fire. It’s called “Automated Customer Service,” and it’s what happens when, in the near future, something goes wrong with a household appliance and you have to navigate an automated call system to get help. For extra added fun I did an audio version as well, with my voice fiddled with just a bit to replicate the true automated customer service experience. Enjoy.
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6 weeks ago by jchris

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