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'Let our Indigenous voices be heard': Indigenous scientists join March for Science - CBC News | Indigenous
"As members of the Indigenous science community, we endorse and support the March for Science — and we encourage Indigenous people and allies to participate," reads a letter signed by over 1,500 scientists, professors, doctors, academics and other professionals.

"Let our Indigenous voices be heard."

Indigenous knowledge 'not as privileged'

While the document endorses the march, it's also a reminder to the scientific community that Indigenous knowledge is just as important as Western science. Encouraging that concept is a challenge for Indigenous people in science and academics, said Gladys Rowe, a Cree Ph.D. student originally from the Fox Lake Cree Nation in northern Manitoba who also signed the support letter.

"There's a perception within the Academy that Indigenous knowledge is less than and it's not as privileged as the Western way of understanding the world," she said.

New genetic research must include more Indigenous people: Hawaiian geneticist
"In Canada, specifically, a lot of institutions talk about 'Indigenizing' — but when you actually get down to the work of it, there's so many barriers and a lot of those barriers have to do with what is framed as science."
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These Native American Scholars Marched For Indigenous Science
WASHINGTON— From Sydney to San Francisco, indigenous scientists and scholars celebrated traditional knowledge on Saturday, as thousands across the world demonstrated at March For Science events.

Indigenous knowledge and practices are often dismissed as mythology or “quaint stories,” Melissa Nelson, associate professor of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University, told BuzzFeed News.

“There are numerous contemporary indigenous sciences based on a long tradition and history. They need to be validated as such — not as folklore,” said Nelson, who is Anishinaabe.

With the global March For Science events being held on Saturday, Nelson was part of a group that wrote a declaration arguing that indigenous science, including ancient practices of conservation and healing, could complement dominant “Western science” and be useful at a time when people are looking for ways to tackle problems, such as climate change and issues of sustainability.

More than 1,700 people, including members of more than 40 indigenous groups, and allies, signed the statement.
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Bias Analysis for Uncontrolled Confounding in the Health Sciences
We review methods that can be applied during or after data analysis to adjust for uncontrolled confounding for different outcomes, confounders, and study settings. We discuss relevant bias formulas and how to obtain the required information for applying them. Finally, we develop a new intuitive generalized bias analysis framework for simulating and adjusting for the amount of uncontrolled confounding due to not measuring and adjusting for one or more confounders.
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