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How Big is the Solar System?
The Thousand-Yard Model
or, The Earth as a Peppercorn
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Climate Science Isn’t Being Silenced Everywhere In Washington | FiveThirtyEight
As Trump tweets, government acts. Welcome to Meanwhile, our recurring look at what federal agencies are up to and how their work affects people’s lives.
The deletion of references to climate change from government websites has become a perennial headline under the Trump administration — but one that doesn’t tell the whole story.
The websites that seem to have undergone the most changes to climate-related content are the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, according to the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative — a network of academics and nonprofits formed in the wake of President Trump’s election to protect federal data and monitor changes in the way the government talks about politically sensitive science — which has been monitoring 25,000 web pages across multiple agencies since January.
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Man Figures Out Best Way To Defog Windshield With Science
Mark Rober used his scientific skills to try to figure out the exact methodology for effectively defogging his icy windshield.
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Sleep Diplomat: Professor Matt Walker PhD
Website of professor Matthew (Matt) Walker
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Prototyping Interactive Data Viz: Lessons Learned in FY17 | Moosha Moosha Mooshme
Data visualization provides a natural opportunity for engaging visitors with authentic science content and cutting-edge technology
Researchers across the natural sciences (and across the Museum) are creating digital content that we can leverage to serve AMNH’s mission and generate interest and excitement among visitors and staff.
American_Museum_of_Natural_History  interactive  visualisation  data  science 
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19 reasons this “survival” story smells fishy
So let’s start with some morons in a boat!

No politics here (though I’m sure if you squint you can find a way to accuse me of racism or sexism or something), just me and my lifetime of sailing experience, including nearly five years living on a boat, against these two idiots.

Those two are named Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava, and their story has been everywhere recently. Here’s their account of what happened, in brief:

They set off from Hawaii in May of this year, bound for Tahiti. They were caught in a storm that both ruined their engine and rendered their mast and sails useless. They were unable to contact help. They drifted for five months, living off of dry food and a handheld watermaker (takes the salt out of seawater so you can drink it) until they were rescued by a fishing boat and, eventually, the Navy.

Now here’s how much of their story makes sense:

They left Hawaii in May. They were rescued five months later by the Navy.

That’s it. That’s the only portion of their story that has even a shred of credibility to it. Now, I’m not going to speculate as to their motives yet, but I will point out that the world of open-water sailing is an obscure one to most people. I am one of a small minority to have spent a lot of time sailing on the open ocean, out of sight of land for months at a time. So I don’t blame journalists for not catching these things at first sight. But that’s why I’m here to explain them to you.
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