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SET-BC is a Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program
105-1750 West 75th Avenue
Vancouver BC, V6P 6G2

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Developing a comprehensive school program to prevent substance misuse and build resilience
"Many of the existing programs that are offered to students do not address both substance-use and mental health literacy. Research shows that the underlying success factors behind mental health, alcohol, and other substance misuse prevention programs are very similar. The most effective programs build personal and social skills, such as decision-making, and address social norms around mental health, alcohol, and substance use."
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This Florida Teacher Hid 65 People During a Massacre
And then just watching the rest of the kids run by and just tell them keep running, keep running as you’re shutting the door, it’s hard.
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61 Books Nassim Taleb Recommends you Read in his Own Words
61 Books Nassim Taleb Recommends you Read in his Own Words
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