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Parents League of New York
Learn more about Parents League of New York, the public face of private education and a leader in independent and private school admissions counseling in NYC.
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Gifted and Talented
If your child is entering kindergarten through third grade in 2019, they can register to take the G&T test this fall. Students with qualifying scores can then apply to G&T programs.
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School days start and end too early
A later start, in both middle and high school, would help with the later sleep cycles that are typical in teenage years. Most teens don’t naturally fall asleep until about 11 p.m., and are supposed to get about nine hours of sleep per night. But when class starts before 8:30—as the most recent federal data indicates it does at 87 percent of American public high schools—waking up in time for school cuts into needed sleep. Postponing the start of the school day, researchers have found, does lead middle and high schoolers to get more rest—they don't just stay up later. And then, once better-rested, studies show that teens do better in school, get in fewer car crashes, and are less prone to depression.


There is probably no such thing as a school-day schedule that satisfies every constituency. Keep start times early, and teens don’t get the sleep they need. Make start times later, and people involved in sports and other extracurriculars complain, and transportation costs go up. Keep school days the usual length, and working parents are in a jam. Make school days longer, and both students and teachers might dread the added time. But still, it seems an amended school-day schedule could make a lot of these people collectively less unhappy than they are now.
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yesterday by terry
Spectrum by slantedknitting
Modern AU, American high school setting.
Merlin is out. He's the only one at his school, but he's out. He is living his best life.
Arthur is on the football team. Merlin thinks he's beautiful, but that's about it.
Until they end up at the same party together, and Merlin finds out that there's a lot more to Arthur than good looks.
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