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Prototype to polish: Making games in CHICKEN Scheme with Hypergiant
The appendix has a lot of links to OpenGL and Scheme tutorials
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yesterday by id1
Making games in CHICKEN Scheme with Hypergiant
Hypergiant is a library for CHICKEN Scheme that tries to make it easy to make efficient games.

This tutorial will walk through the fundamentals of Hypergiant while creating the prototype for a game. Then we’ll add a layer of polish onto that prototype, illustrating some of the extensibility of Hypergiant.
2015  tutorial  game  graphics  free-software  scheme 
2 days ago by bignose
Haunt: hackable static site generator
Haunt is a simple, functional, hackable static site generator that gives authors the ability to treat websites as Scheme programs.

By giving authors the full expressive power of Scheme, they are able to control every aspect of the site generation process. Haunt provides a simple, functional build system that can be easily extended for this purpose.
tool  free-software  web-development  data-freedom  lisp  scheme 
3 days ago by bignose
SICP Distilled
An idiosyncratic tour of SICP in Clojure
clojure  lisp  scheme  book  online  via:euler 
4 days ago by antigremlin
Dracula — A dark theme for Vim and 50+ apps
Cool vim theme that actually works for me. Whereas Atom-Dark didn't work for me.
vim  theme  color  scheme  editor  download  github  cool 
9 days ago by racl101

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