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A Simple Trick For Creating Color Palettes Quickly – Sketch Tricks – Medium
Color plays an important role not only in the design world but also in the world in which we live. A color palette can make or break the design that is why it is so important to put in a lot of time…
colour  scheme  medium 
23 hours ago by andrewn
Object - slib
This is the Macroless Object System
oop  programming  scheme  opensource 
yesterday by masukomi
Gerbil Scheme · vyzo/gerbil Wiki
Gerbil is an opinionated dialect of Scheme with a state of the art macro and module system on the Gambit runtime.- similar to racket's #lang stuff
scheme  language  programming  opensource 
yesterday by masukomi
I developed a medium sized, cross platform strategy/roguelike game in ~100% Scheme. Here is a summary of my experience:
using Gambit Scheme and lambdanative
"That said, using lambdanative wasn't without rough patches. These were/are, roughly:
Library support
Cross platform issues
Debugging and macro-writing difficulties
No standard object system"
reddit  scheme  gamedev  postmortem  programming 
8 days ago by mechazoidal

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