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Colormind - Bootstrap UI colors
Generate color schemes for a bootstrap theme. See how it looks immediately with our bootstrap UI kit
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3 days ago by pesche
Ao is a tool for programmatic computer-aided design.

In most scripting systems, there's a clear barrier between user-controlled code and calls into the geometry kernel. In Ao, that barrier is pushed so far back as to be effectively invisible: ao-show accepts a lambda function and draws it on the screen.

You can think of Ao as a homoiconic kernel: even fundamental, primitive shapes are represented as code in the user-level language. It's turtles all the way down.
scheme  design  graphics  3d  cad 
11 days ago by sherbondy
Graphene is a tiny implementation of hierarchical dataflow programming.

If you're new to this kind of programming, think of it as a spreadsheet:

You create cells with values or formulas inside
These cells can refer to each other
When one cell changes, everything that uses it changes too
Here's a graph that calculates area and circumference of a circle, given a radius r and the value of pi:

When the radius (or pi) changes, area and circumference are automatically updated.

Graphene extracts the core ideas from Antimony (some of which are described in my Dataflow Engine writeup) and implements them in under 500 lines of Racket.

Why are hierarchical graphs useful?

Information hiding: Implementation details shouldn't be globally visible
Organization: It's human-friendly to group related logic into a single block
Let's walk through an example of a system with two subgraphs:
dataflow  scheme  programming  lisp 
11 days ago by sherbondy
F*dging up a Racket
One of the most extensive tutorials on how to build a Brainfuck interpreter in Racket using Racket's built-in "language building" features.
brainfuck  lisp  programming  racket  scheme 
14 days ago by mrnugget

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