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The Semantic Web & Linked Data slide on
Interesting that traditional semweb folks see as rather loose and thus much knowledge can't be derived from it. Its looseness is exactly what attracted me to it as it allowed for practical use. I can't speak to its derivation with other data sources just yet
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19 hours ago by cldwalker
Knowledge Graph Search API
Only exposes search which is still powerful and useful. Lame that schema type results are usually too general to be useful
api  knowledge-graph-google  schema 
17 days ago by cldwalker
Versioning in an Event… by Gregory Young [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Have you had troubles with versioning an Event Sourced system? Just getting into a new Event Sourced system for the first time? This book is the definitive guide of how to handle versioning over long periods of time. 100% of proceeds go to teaching children how to code via code club.
events  ebook  event  eventsourcing  versioning  schema  evolution 
18 days ago by fmjrey
Goog's Structured Data examples
Demonstrates how different types are displayed and actionable from within google
doc-site  schema  google 
18 days ago by cldwalker
Structured Data Testing Tool
Validates schema json-ld data, displaying parsed output and displays any errors or warnings from parsing
service  schema 
18 days ago by cldwalker
A general specification for implementing structured markup (using and JSON-LD) - v1.1
Looks like a practical guide written by someone who uses it actively in their day job and run into the rough edges
doc  sometime  schema 
18 days ago by cldwalker

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